3 New Hair Care Ranges to Try

3 New Hair Care Ranges to Try

Get yourself out of a hair rut and switch up your daily routine for one of these new ranges. Whether you’re trying to tame your curls, pump up the volume or repair damaged strands, there’s a great new collection just waiting to transform your locks.

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  • 1 of 3 For Curly & Frizzy Hair
  • For Curly & Frizzy Hair
  • Most people with curly hair actually love their curls—but it’s the frizz that so often comes along for the ride that they despise so much. The cure? Deeply nourishing products to hydrate and smooth strands.

    As part of Dove’s Advanced Series, the new Quench Absolute line is the most nourishing one yet. The system is quite simple, with a Shampoo, Conditioner and Supreme Crème Serum, each formulated with Brazilian Buriti Oil to hydrate, smooth and nourish hair. The line delivers five benefits that all curly-haired gals crave—quenching dryness, smoothing frizz, boosting strength, improving manageability and delivering deep nourishment.

    The star of the show is the Supreme Crème Serum, Dove’s first leave-in nourishing treatment. It absorbs super fast and feels lightweight, but smoothes the hair instantly and can be used on wet or dry hair.

  • 2 of 3 For Fine & Flat Hair
  • For Fine & Flat Hair
  • For Fine & Flat Hair

    I personally fall into the fine/flat/lifeless/limp hair category, so I’m always on the look-out for a hair care range that delivers soft, touchable volume. One of my greatest discoveries for flat hair goes against everything we thought we knew about hair care—Reverse Washing.

    The new TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume collection focuses on this technique to soften the hair, control static and hydrate ends without weighing it all down. First, you start by conditioning hair with the Pre-Wash Conditioner all the way from root to tip, then you Shampoo after to cleanse the hair. You’re left with full, bouncy volume and great lift at the roots.

    The line also includes a pre-blow dry Hair Maximizer cream which adds volume and smoothes the hair, as well as a root-lifting Mousse and flexible hold Hairspray. The complete collection is an innovative approach to weightless body and beautiful volume.

  • 3 of 3 For Colour-Treated and Damaged Hair
  • For Colour-Treated and Damaged Hair
  • For Colour-Treated and Damaged Hair

    Whether you colour your hair regularly or spend a little too much time with a flat iron, hair damage happens to the best of us. Silky, smooth hair can be yours once again with a little TLC and quality hair care.

    The Nexxus Emergencée range is infused with Marine Collagen and concentrated elastin protein to strengthen the hair from the inside out—rebuilding the hair’s protein and reinforcing each strand to make it stronger and more resilient.
    The range includes a gentle Shampoo and repairing Conditioner for daily use, as well as intensive Reconstructing Treatments for when your hair is really having an S.O.S. moment. The treatments come in small ampules and are packed with nourishing and repairing ingredients to transform your hair dramatically, even after one use.

    Stronger, more resilient hair means less breakage, smoother strands and a glossier, healthier look—and that is something we all want!

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