5 Brands Making The World A Little More Beautiful

Photo: The Body Shop

There are certain beauty brands and products that we just can’t live without, but what makes these brands even more favourable is when they do a little good and aim to give back to the causes that matter to them the most.

Here are some of the do-gooder brands that we’re loving right now.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has long since taken a stand against many causes, including helping ban animal testing. On June 1 the brand launched an initiative to get eight million signatures on their petition to ban animal testing worldwide. While Europe has already taken care of business by implementing the ban in 2013, there’s still a lot of work to be done for many brands and people to become completely cruelty-free—80% of countries still don’t have a ban, sadly including our home and native land. (In fact, about 500,000 animals are used for cosmetic testing each year and one ingredient in a product can result in the death of at least 1,400 animals. Gross.)

The Body Shop has teamed up with Cruelty Free International for a #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting campaign that aims to get eight million signatures on the petition against animal testing, one of the most ambitious goals to date. The goal? To get animal testing banned worldwide forever through a United Nationals International Convention.

Sign the petition here and know that when you shop at The Body Shop, you’re shopping cruelty-free.

Consonant Skincare

While this is a big year for all things Canada, homegrown brand Consonant Skincare isn’t letting the celebration slow down their philanthropic side. With Pride Month here, the brand has launched a limited edition version of its amazing Bath Bomb, the Pride Bath Bomb ($9).

100% of the profits of this budget-friendly buy go straight to Bill 7 Award, which is a charity that provides scholarships to disadvantaged LGBTQ youth enrolled in post-secondary education. Established in 1987, the Bill 7 Award grants financial support to Ontario-based LGBTQ post-secondary students working towards their degree or diploma.

This grapefruit-scented bath bomb is infused with soothing epsom salts and hydrating avocado oil for a colourful rainbow-filled bath. Stock up now and keep the pride of a good cause going long past Pride Month is finished.

Burt’s Bees

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Burt’s Bees have been super busy with their philanthropic endeavours this year, launching not one but two causes. The first: the #UncapLove Pride Pack of lip balms ($18) and the #KissesforBees initiative supporting the little guys that make this brand a possibility.

The limited edition #UpcapLove Pride Pack celebrates love of every flavour and comes with a rainbow of six of your favourite Burt’s Bees lip balm flavours—Beeswax, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Wild Cherry, Coconut & Pear and Honey.

The #KissesforBees aims to raise awareness and support for the hardworking pollinators in Canada. The brand is creating two installations—one in Toronto and one in Vancouver—full of wildflowers, providing habitats for the bees and is releasing limited edition lipsticks that, for every one sold, will plant 100 wildflowers across the country in partnership with Wildlife Preservation Canada to keep the bees happy and healthy.


While many of us choose to ignore it, we all know the impact that beauty packaging has on the environment—especially if you’re not doing your due diligence and recycling what can be recycled. In an effort to make a bold statement to this effect, LUSH employees went naked to promote buying “naked” products instead, free of packaging.

LUSH has long since been a proponent of reducing the impact left on the environment, and now sell 35% of their products completely naked (some of our favourites are Seanik Shampoo Bar, Buffy Body Butter and Therapy Massage Bar). And since they have also made a concerted effort to reduce the use of synthetic preservatives with their self-preserving products, you know that every product you buy makes a difference. And the products that do have packaging? Well they’re all made with 100% post-consumer recyclable materials.

Look Good Feel Better

How’s this for a cause that doesn’t cost you anything. Going beyond its usual October ramp-up, Look Good Feel Better is taking on a new initiative with Wink Day on Thursday, June 15th. For every wink that’s posted to social media on Wink Day, $5 will be donated. The more you post, the more money that’s raised for the organization that helps raise awareness for cancer survivors to make them feel and look like themselves.

The best way to do it? Post a snap of yourself winking on Thursday, June 15th and tell everyone who you wink for. Don’t forget to tag #WinkDay and follow along to see who else is helping raise funds for LGFB.

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