6 Gorgeous Green Beauty Buys for Summer

Even though emerald green may be the “Color of the Year” for 2013, it’s not the only gorgeous green out there! Olive, khaki, lime, forest, mint, jade… they’re all stunning too! I pulled a few of my favorite ‘green’ finds- not all of the products are actually green, but their packaging made them deserve to be in the group. From fragrance to skincare to nails to makeup- it’s easy being green with these gorgeous beauty buys for summer!

Featured Products

  • Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Trio in Helmüt: These new eye trios from celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D not only are gorgeous to look at, but they make for a super simple look too! With three perfectly coordinated shades, the powders blend easily together to create an effortless look, whether its simplistic or smoky.
  • Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish in Sweet: Gel polish is one of my biggest obsessions as of late- you don’t have to shell out big bucks at the salon anymore for a chip-free, high-gloss gel manicure! These Kiss Everlasting Polishes are my absolute favorite because they are affordable, they come in a huge range of colors and they are so easy to use!
  • Lancôme Énergie de Vie Daily Lotion: Late summer nights can be tons of fun- but they can also cause stress on your complexion. This daily lotion helps to bring the life back into your skin and fill it with radiance, moisture and vitality! No more dull, tired skin.
  • CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara: The original Clump Crusher has staked its spot as one of my all-time favorite drugstore mascaras, so I was incredibly excited to see that Covergirl is launching this sister mascara designed to not only build volume without clumps, but also to extend the length of your lashes for an awesome false-lash look.
  • Fendi Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette: Like a refreshing glass of ice cold lemon water on a hot summer day, this fragrance will regenerate your mood instantly. This citrusy, foral fragrance is an instant pick me up with the most fresh notes that brighten up any moment.
  • Hard Candy All Lid Up in Pining 4 U: I’ve been loving these affordable cream eyeshadows- great pigmentation, creamy texture and blend easily on the skin. They work great alone for a quick on-the-go solution, or as a base to build and intensify other eyeshadows.

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