Citron d’Erable: A Canadian Scent Story

Atelier Cologne Citron d'Erable

Happy Canada Day! Today I wanted to share a little love story involving myself and Atelier Cologne’s new scent created exclusively for Canada. Citron d’Erable Cologne Absolue ($140) is an unexpected (yet surprisingly delightful) blend of maple syrup and Sicilian lemon, along with blackcurrant and Canadian woods—maple and cedarwood to be exact.

I haven’t ever come across a scent like this one before. As I sniffed the scent straight from the bottle, it was almost as if I had two noses and could smell the sweet maple syrup and zesty lemon simultaneously, yet completely independent of each other.

It was a completely different story when I sprayed it onto my skin. It smelled completely different—amazing, yet different. I could no longer distinguish the maple and lemon separately, but instead they melted into the scent of my skin to create a warm, sweet scent that was balanced with freshness. The woody notes came out more on the skin as well, giving it more of an earthy edge. Friends of mine commented on my fragrance as well—how unique it was, yet still so flattering.

Atelier Cologne Citron d'Erable

It’s described to be a sweet, sunny and warm scent—which is exactly what I picture when I smell it. It evokes that happiness and joy you get on a peaceful sunny afternoon, relaxing on a patio or by a lake. I was skeptical of it at first, but after wearing it nonstop for the past few days—I’ve fallen in love. It is subtle, yet unique and definitely the kind of fragrance that would read differently from person to person.

Citron d’Erable joins the Collection Azur family and in typical Atelier Cologne fashion, is formulated as a potent pure perfume, allowing it to linger on the skin much longer than other fragrances.

Unfortunately for our friends in the USA and abroad, this scent was created exclusively for Sephora Canada. If you’re planning a trip over here soon or have a friend willing to do some shopping on your behalf, I highly recommend checking this one out. For those of you living in Canada, Citron d’Erable would make a lovely, thoughtful gift with its unique note blend and touch of Canadian heritage within.

Atelier Cologne Citron d’Erable Cologne Absolue retails for $140 (3.3oz) and is available exclusively at

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