Must Have: Bait Hair Perfume

Must Have: Bait Hair Perfume

A flood of perfumed hair mists have entered the market to captivate our attention and noses. We couldn’t help but zero in on the Canadian-born brand Bait Hair Perfume, which actually masqueraded around select hair salons as Mane Teeze Hair Perfume back in the day. A solid rebranding effort later, and we love Bait Hair Perfume more than ever before.

The collection consists of four scents that are equally divine. Skinny Dipper is for the beach babe, with a hint of sunscreen combined with coconut for a summery scent (Poonam has been reaching for this one in the beauty closet a lot). Heart Breaker is for anyone with a sweet tooth, featuring notes of pink cotton candy and vanilla. Day Dreamer is a laid-back scent with low-key orange blossom and vanilla notes. Last but not least, Femme Fatale is a sensuous combination of amber with a bit of violet for a sexy blend (Jessica’s favorite scent from the range).

The formulations were designed to be worn in hair for up to 12 hours, won’t make your hair greasy or weight it down and are in picture-perfect packaging (we’re loving the white and gold motifs) that is entirely appropriate to display on your vanity—plus at $38 each for a generous 50mL, they won’t break the bank either. Fragrance actually lasts longest when spritzed into hair, acting as a halo of scent, so these hair perfumes are ideal for anyone who finds perfume to be a fleeting memory mere moments after they apply it.

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