3 Biologique Recherche Facial Techniques to Try At Home

3 Biologique Recherche Facial Techniques to Try At Home


As a beauty editor, I’ve experienced many different kinds of facials—everything from your standard facial ritual to professional resurfacing. While they were all effective and enjoyable (okay maybe not so much the resurfacing one), there has always been one facial that stood out to me, and that was the one I received from Biologique Recherche. Yep, the same brand that so many beauty editors, supermodels and A-list celebrities buzzing are about.

First of all, I received my Biologique Recherche treatment at the legendary Ambassade de la Beauté in Paris, so of course that already made it even more memorable (you can read all about that experience here). Beyond that though, there were several things that made the treatment so unique, including the Skin Instant analysis (where they analyze what’s up with your skin at that very moment and treat accordingly), the intimiate connection between you and your skin therapist (I describe my treatment as a somewhat spiritual experience) and most notably, the unique methods and techniques used to apply the products and treat the skin.

Those unique methods and techniques are what I want to talk about today, because if you’ve ever experienced a Biologique Recherche facial, you’ll know what I’m talking about (and if you haven’t, you need to book one immediately). There’s flicking and pinching and tapping and pushing—and a reason for every maneuver. You’ll also know the immediate “BR Glow” the complexion has after a treatment, in addition to looking sculpted, lifted and plumped up.

Biologique Recherche

I wanted to know more about these particular techniques and how they work synergistically with their products to transform the skin, so I asked to sit down with Louisa Page, International Trainer for Biologique Recherche.  She taught me a few signature Biologique Recherche techniques (apparently I have great vibrations—nice!) that I can do at home, and now I am sharing them with you.

Of course, these aren’t a replacement for an actual treatment with a Biologique Recherche professional, but incorporating these techniques into your daily routine can help give your complexion a quick fix in-between treatments and let you get the most from your products long-term. I highly recommend booking a treatment with a Biologique Recherche professional to receive your personal Skin Instant product recommendations.

Before we get into the tutorials, there are three things to keep in mind:

1. Always move upwards and outwards
Don’t give gravity any help! Hand motions should move in an upward direction from the décolleté and from the center of the face outwards (this also helps to push excess fluid away from the face).

2. Cold water is your skin’s BFF 
Cold water (or even ice water if you can) is a great way to naturally reduce inflammation and puffiness instantly.

3. Support the contour of your face.
You’ll notice in the tutorials below that I am always holding my skin gently, but taut, to ensure the techniques are being targeted properly.

The “Pump”

What it does: De-puffs, drains excess fluid and defines contours.

When you should use it: During cleansing, with Lait VIP O2 or other Lait which been prescribed for the Skin Instant. A great technique to reduce puffiness in the morning, especially after a late night out or overindulging.  It’s also great after traveling or before a special event.

What you do:  Start from the middle of the chin and use a pumping, wave-like motion with 2-3 fingers as you work your way towards the ear.  Repeat three times on each area. You can also move along the jawline, under the eyes and underneath the cheekbones to help define the contours.

What else you should know: Use medium pressure and follow with Masque Biomagic afterwards for an instant complexion boost.

The “Vibrate”

What it does: Plumps targeted areas like nasolabial folds, lips and wrinkles.

When you should use it: After cleansing, with Lotion MC 110 No. 1. This technique can be used to target specific areas that need plumping and smoothing.

What you do: Use two fingers to quickly and gently tap the product into the skin, using ascending motions.

What else you should know: Take it to the next level by saturating a small square of gauze with the product and vibrating with it. The gauze will deliver more product to the area and will result in a more intense plumping effect.

The “Pinch”

What it does: Increases circulation, manually stimulates collagen and elastin production and helps to firm skin over time.

When you should use it: Anytime, anywhere on the face or décolleté, to target fine lines, wrinkles and firmness.

What you do:  Use the middle finger and the thumb to very lightly pinch the surface of the skin.

What else you should know: This technique can be performed anytime on dry skin. For best results, follow-up with Collagene Natif, a serum formulated to firm skin, as well as Creme Biofixine to improve elasticity.

Biologique Recherche products can be purchased from the list below of authorized Canadian retailers:

pH Santé Beauté (national shipping)
La Chambre Des Dames (national shipping)

One2one Studio (national shipping)
Lac + Beauty

Bren’s Skin Care (national shipping)

Kolor Twist (national shipping)

Clarité Wellness

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