This 3-Step Sun Care System Will Make You Rethink SPF

Biologique Recherche UV

We’re always fans of multi-tasking products and simplifying our beauty routines, especially in the summer. But when it comes to sun care, we take things pretty seriously and are even willing to add an extra step or two to our sun protection regimen if it means coming out on the other side with better skin. Which is why when the Biologique Recherche Triple Shield Sun Care range landed on our desks, we were eager to see what the three-step routine really entailed.

The range includes the pre-sun Preparation U.V., Protection U.V. (the actual sunscreen with SPF 25) and post-sun Reparation U.V., all of which are aimed at providing the full spectrum of sun protection and repair to prevent the signs of photo-aging on your face. Intrigued? Us too.

Biologique Recherche UV

Preparation U.V. ($134), to put it simply, prepares the skin for sun exposure and even aims to stimulate the skin’s natural tan—something you seldom see in any skincare or sun care products since we all seem to actively avoid the word “tan”—and prevents the formation of free radicals and dark spots caused by sun exposure.

Good things come in threes, so it’s of course no surprise that Protection U.V. ($140) is a triple threat to the sun’s rays, using a three-pronged protection process of non-nanoparticle mineral filters, plant-based filters (like karanja oil) and a natural infrared filter to keep you protected from UVA, UVB and infrared rays, all in a super-lightweight SPF 25 for your face.

After you’ve spent some time in the sun (even if you stayed protected and even reapplied a few times), there’s always some damage, even if it’s minimal. UV rays modify skin’s cells, which cause damage and you’re skin is often zapped of moisture and has the humble beginnings of wrinkles and sun spots. Reparation U.V. ($134) offers up a light, serumy post-sun treatment that will soothe your skin, while combatting free radicals and the signs of aging caused by the sun.

The caveat? You have to start applying the Preparation U.V. about a month before consistent sun exposure and if, like us, you missed that part, you may not reap all of the benefits of the first step. However, we’re of the camp that it’s better late than never—especially when it comes to sun protection of any kind—so if you’re just arriving to the sun care party, there’s no time like the present.

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