Bite Beauty Is Releasing More Lip Liners

Bite Beauty Lip Liner

It wasn’t very long ago that Bite Beauty launched their first-ever lip liner, The Lip Pencil. I fell in love at first sight and after trying them out, I realized they were unlike any other lip liner I had tried before. The ultra-creamy texture, the flattering neutral hues, the comfortable feel—they really nailed it (you can read the full review and see the swatches here).

Fast-forward just two months later and the brand has announced they will be adding an additional 28 hues to the collection (more than doubling the existing line-up of 22 shades).

*Cue heavy breathing*

Bite Beauty Lip Liners

You can see the shade range extension includes some edgy hues like black, blue and green (probably to complement their Sweet & Savoury collection) as well as a ton of vivid oranges, classic reds and punchy pinks.

The first release was pretty much to create an array of “my lips but better” shades and this one is to dial it up and have some fun with colour. I couldn’t possibly be more excited.

The best part? You’re not going to have to wait very long to get your hands on these beauties. The 28 new shades will be available online next week at

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