Bodycology Body Scrubs Review, Photos & Swatches

Bodycology Body Scrubs

Brand new from Bodycology are these delicious-scented, affordable Body Scrubs ($4.50 USD each), formulated with sugar crystals and shea butter to exfoliate skin and moisturize at the same time.  There are four scents available, Toasted Vanilla Sugar and Coconut Lime Twist (both shown here) along with Sweet Petals and Exotic Cherry Blossom.

I’m a huge fan of body scrubs, especially those with moisturizing bases like oils and butters to keep skin ultra smooth and hydrated. These scrubs have quite large crystals and are quite abrasive, so I wouldn’t recommend using them on sensitive areas- but they are excellent for feet, legs and arms.

Bodycology Body Scrubs
Bodycology Body Scrubs in Toasted Vanilla Sugar (left) and Coconut Lime Twist (right)

They smell amazing! I was afraid that they might smell artificial or too sweet, but they really smell fantastic, natural and not overwhelming. While the brand says they lightly scent skin… I found that the scent disappeared quickly- so it’s more of an in-shower indulgence.  The base is quite oily, which I found lightly hydrated my skin but nothing super noticeable (the best moisturizing scrub I’ve found so far is LUSH Buffy…but for the price tag, these are a great alternative).

My favourite scent out of the two is the Coconut Lime Twist; especially for summer (be sure to take this one on any tropical vacations too)! Use this scrub a few times a week to keep your feet soft, smooth and sandal-ready this summer.

Bodycology Body Scrubs
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Bodycology Body Scrubs
Bodycology Body Scrub



  • Price: $4.50 USD for 8oz
  • Availability: Ulta, Target and various drugstores (click here for store locator)
  • Selection: Four scents (see them all here)
  • Overall: An awesome, affordable body scrub. Quite abrasive, so I’d only use it on legs, feet and other non-senstiive areas.  Smells delicious and not artificial.  Moisturizes lightly, but I wish it would hydrate a little more.. especially with such an oily base.
  • Rating: A