CND RidgeFX Is Like Foundation For Your Nails

CND RidgeFx

It’s a pretty common scenario in my day-to-day life: I’m running late for an event then look down at my hands and realize my dry, brittle, unpolished nails are completely unacceptable so I quickly slap on two coats of lacquer, convincing myself I won’t smudge them en route. Without fail, I show up with dented, smudged, fingerprint-embossed polish which looks way worse (and so much more noticeable) than my bare nails ever would have.

I’m trying to teach myself to only paint my nails when I have a lot of time to kill (during a Netflix binge, for example). Thankfully, I’ve recently discovered a quick fix for those days my nails need some extra help but I’m running short on time.

CND RidgeFX is basically the equivalent of a ‘no makeup’ makeup look for your nails; it smoothes the surface, evens out the nail color and brightens for a healthy, natural look. For fans of the brand’s long-wearing Vinylux lacquers, which typically work best without base coat, RidgeFX is designed to cooperate with the colour should you need a little pre-polish smoothing.

CND RidgeFx

CND RidgeFx

Peeling, ridges, dents and discolorations are no match for this treatment. It’s also great for camouflaging nail damage after (improper) gel removal and preventing staining in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at that before and after…

CND RidgeFx

I’ve tried other ridge fillers and nail brighteners, but this one takes the cake. Why, you ask? It actually dries matte, so it looks like a natural nail and can be layered for a stronger smoothing effect. It also dries in seconds, so if I don’t have time to for a proper paint job before heading out to an event, I know I can at least spruce up my natural nails with this.

CND RidgeFX retails for $10.50 and is available online at

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