Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation Review, Photos & Swatches

Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation

I can officially say that I’m obsessed with Vichy Dermablend foundation. While it may be one of the most intense, full-coverage foundations i’ve ever tried, I can also say that it looks absolutely beautiful, flawless and natural when applied correctly.

When I heard that Dermablend was launching a new “medium coverage” formula called Smooth Indulgence, I couldn’t wait to try it. The problem… Dermablend doesn’t sell in Canada. Vichy has been manufacturing and selling the “Vichy Dermablend” corrective foundation for a long time now, but the actual brand is now where to be found… until now!

Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation (left) and Vichy Dermablend (right) (oddly enough, yes, a nail polish site) has started selling Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation ($32 CAD), along with the rest of the Smooth Indulgence line. I’ve been a huge fan of the site for a long time now because it’s a one-stop-shop for all nail polishes, and the $3 shipping over $25 is an awesome deal. They’ve also started selling other cosmetics, such as Mistura, Ardell Lashes, Batiste, Lime Crime and more- so check it out!

Now to compare the Smooth Indulgence foundation to the original Vichy Dermablend- I have to say there isn’t a very big difference… mainly in the finish of the product. Vichy Dermablend is very matte and great for normal to oily skin types, while the Smooth Indulgence Foundation has a more natural, radiant finish (no shimmer though, just a slight glow) so it would be great for those with dry skin. My skin is super dry right now, so I’m really loving this formula… but I do like to mix the two together to create a totally natural looking foundation.

The other bonus of this foundation is that it comes in many more shades than Vichy Dermablend, which only is available in 5 shades- Smooth Indulgence is available in 11 shades! The longevity and resiliance of the foundation is very similar… it lasts for hours (it claims 12) and even longer when using the setting powder- I still use the Vichy Dermablend powder, and it has become my favorite! It really locks it in, keeps shine away and makes it virtually sweat-proof all day and night.

This foundation is considered a ‘medium coverage’ foundation, however I truly feel it is just as full coverage as the original Vichy Dermablend. To me, this is a full coverage foundation, however I feel like it is easier to blend, so you can really blend it out and wear a sheer layer for medium coverage. I like to use a Sigma F88 brush to apply it… and if you need a little extra help with blending, spritz your face with some water beforehand and blend until it’s dry. It will leave you looking flat (see photo), so make sure to add dimension back to your face with a bit of contouring.

Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation, Swatched
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation
Bare skin (left) / Wearing Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation (right)



  • Price: $32 CAD for 30mL / 1oz
  • Availability:
  • Overall: I’m in love with this foundation… It’s very similar to the original Vichy Dermablend, but it’s a bit more hydrating with a natural satin finish and its available in many more shades. It’s considered medium coverage by the brand, but I think it’s quite full coverage. Great longevity, resilience and comfort! Make sure to contour some dimension into your face, as it will leave your complexion quite flat looking because it is so perfecting.
  • Rating: A