Elizabeth and James is Launching Two More Nirvana Scents

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst French Grey

The Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrance roster has slowly been growing over the past few years. First, we were gifted with the magical pair of fragrances from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s lifestyle brand, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White, which launched in 2013. Then last year, we were given the dynamic duo that were Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose (not to mention a whole host of extra products for all four scents, including a really cool dry shampoo formula).

Now we’re getting another set of scents launching this fall: Nirvana Amethyst and Nirvana French Grey. We spotted the two new additions on Sephora while we were doing our weekly game of “what am I running low on?” While both scents are currently available only to Sephora VIB and VIB Rouge members, here’s what we know so far…

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst Eau de Parfum

Nirvana Amethyst is listed as both a cool and warm spicy scent—likely meaning warm in notes, but cool in essence (it is the offspring of MK and A, after all).

Notes of sweet honeysuckle, spicy tobacco and woody cedar, this scent embodies a balance of allure in both light and dark touches. The honeysuckle and tobacco almost seem to be opposing scents but, knowing this brand, they surely meld beautifully together.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana French Grey Eau de Parfum

Nirvana French Grey is described as a “chic and mesmerizing fresh floral with an aphrodisiac allure,” thanks to the honeyed neroli, clean lavender and classically sensual musk notes.

Also referenced as a “weekend getaway to Paris in a bottle” (something we can completely get behind), we’re anticipating a clean freshness without being too sterile, thanks to the sweet citrusy feel of the neroli.

True to Elizabeth and James form, both these scents sound like they offer up their own individual personalities while balancing its counterpart out. Where one is dark the other is light. Where one is slightly masculine, the other has a more classically feminine feel. And, as is the case for the newest additions, while one is warm and spicy, the other is light and fresh.

Both of the new scents are available in 30mL and 50mL bottles ($65 and $85, respectively) and and 10mL rollerballs ($28) and are available exclusively at Sephora and online at sephora.com.

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