Essie Gel Couture Actually Delivers 14-Day Wear

Essie Gel Couture

It isn’t often we see an entirely new formula from Essie, so when it happens you know it’s special. Essie just launched their new Gel Couture Nail Polish collection, featuring 42 brand new shades that promise 14 days of wear—no LED light required.

Gel Couture is Essie’s answer to the CND Vinylux and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2-step systems that promise “gel-like” wear without the hassle of curing and soak-off removal.

essie Gel Couture

First of all—let’s talk about the bottle. How cute! Essie put a little twist on their regular bottle—literally! The brush also got a bit of an update, with a wider, flatter shape that makes perfectly-curved cuticle lines and reduces the number of strokes you need to make.

The brush wand is also twisted, preventing those huge, surprise drips of nail polish to ruin your mani (it works almost like a calligraphy pen, slowly allowing the polish to trip to the tip).

essie Gel Couture

essie Gel Couture
essie Gel Couture 2-Step System: Color + Top Coat

The application is simple—two coats of color and one coat of the top coat.  No base coat needed, but I do recommend starting with properly prepped nails, cleansed with alcohol.

The 42 colors are divided into four collections; Atelier (soft neutrals), First Look (pastels), After Party (deep, sultry shades) and Fashion Show (bright, vibrant shades and classic pinks & reds).

The entire range pulls inspiration from the world of fashion—specifically couture fashion (hence the name)—with names like “Rock The Runway”, “Stitch By Stitch” and “Turn ‘N Pose”.

essie Gel Couture
The “Atelier” collection
essie Gel Couture
The “First Look” collection
essie Gel Couture
The “After Party” collection

essie Gel Couture
The “Fashion Show” collection

Two weeks of wear is a huge claim to make and as someone who can barely go two days without regular nail polish chipping on me, I thought I would put it to the test. I’ll have to admit, I was very skeptical. CND Vinylux and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel are pretty much all I wear. I like to change things up way too much to actually get gel polish and these formulas offer me better-than-regular-polish wear, even though I could never really get more than 5-6 days out of them without chipping.

Essie Gel Couture blew me away.

essie Gel Couture

Not only did Gel Couture stay on my nails for 14 days without chipping or lifting, but I was amazed at how it still looked shiny the entire time. It was painful to go through this test, because I wanted to take the polish off after 8 days when my grow-out was starting to be embarrassing but I stuck to it—I had to test it to the end.  I did notice some wear at the tips of my nails (not chips, but wear-down I’m assuming from typing all day). 

Just look at that grow-out!

essie Gel Couture
After 14 DAYS of wear!

Every day I’d thoroughly analyze my nails to find chips or lifting… but no dice. This stuff is amazing. When it is time to remove, just use your regular nail polish remover and you’re good for a fresh mani. Having said that, nail polish wear time can vary between individuals depending on how rough you are on your nails, how oily your nail beds are and how you prep your nails, so results definitely can vary. I think a lot of the longevity has to do with a proper nail prep and application—Rita Remark did my nails so I attribute my excellent wear to essie Gel Couture and Rita’s fab skills.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish retails for for $11.50 and is available at drugstores and online at Amazon and ULTA.

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