Essie Spring 2013 Resort Collection

Essie Resort 2013 Collection

Essie Spring 2013 Resort Collection

First Timer…Don’t be shy, Come Here! Even if we may not know where we are jet-setting to yet, we already know what we should be wearing.This in-between season, reveals shorter lengths and free-flowing, peek-a-boo fashions in colours so seductive, yet effortlessly chic. Whether sitting In The Cab-ana or frolicking on the beach, satisfaction is guaranteed with this nice package of coveted, sexy shades. Be on the look-out, searching Under Where?, over there and again and again?!. Unleash your colour obsession and get ready to step out in style!

Available April 2013 from Essie retailers. 

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Product Information

Nail Lacquer ($8 USD / $10 CAD)


  • Come Here!: Neon coral
  • First Timer: Fresh green
  • In The Cab-ana: Aqua azure
  • Under Where?: Orchid purple