Essie Resort 2017 Collection Review

Essie Resort 2017

Usually when we see a new nail polish collection, we can quickly narrow down to our favourite (or two). For Jess, it’s usually a sheer pink or beige, while I’ve never met a mint I didn’t like. But with the Essie Resort 2017 shades, I truly can’t pick just one.

Maybe it’s because Rebecca Minkoff, the brand’s global colour designer, took inspiration from Italy’s Amalfi Coast—which is at the very top of my travel bucket list right now. The lineup of four creme polishes nods to the surrounding Tyrrhenian Sea, terracotta rooftops and bright gardens.

Essie Resort 2017

The shades include Sorrento Yourself (earthy brown with hints of red), Strike a Pose-itano (soft aqua blue), Ciao Effect (lavender with blue undertones) and Resort Romanza (bright, warm red).

Unlike some Essie collections, the shades in this one are all quite different (whereas, say, Spring had two pink hues that would coordinate together quite easily for a subtle nail-art look). That said, we love the idea of a bold, graphic mani combining Resort Romanza and Strike a Positano.

Essie Resort 2017

Of course, Strike a Pose-itano on its own is the first one I’ll be wearing (and it looks perfectly at home amongst my other pale blue and green bottles), but Sorrento Yourself—perhaps the most polar opposite from the aqua—is really calling me, too. I like the idea of deep neutral hues rather than pale nudes against my fair complexion (P.S. with its warm undertones, this brown would look amazing on dark skin). I’m similarly drawn to the soft purple of Ciao Effect, and suddenly want to swap my go-to royal blue pedi for the bright Resort Romanza.

The Essie Resort 2017 Collection nail polishes retail for $10 each and will be available March 21st at select salons, retailers and online at

Essie Resort 2017 Nail Polish in Ciao Effect
Ciao Effect

Essie Resort 2017 Nail Polish in Sorrento Yourself
Sorrento Yourself

Essie Resort 2017 Nail Polish in Strike A Pose-itano
Strike A Pose-itano
Essie Resort 2017 Nail Polish in Resort Romanza
Resort Romanza
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