Exclusive Interview with Mon Shu Girl

Exclusive Interview with Mon Shu Girl
“I was sketched by Karl Lagerfeld first with shu uemura eyeshadows before I was brought to life!”

Gather around everyone- I had the chance to sit down with the one and only Mon Shu Girl. You can see her as the face of the legendary shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Collection for Holiday 2012, on counters now, but if you want to get to know her a little better, then check out my interview with her because this little girl has quite a big story…

How did Karl Lagerfeld create you?

Mon Shu Girl: I was sketched and brought to life with shu uemura shades and eyeshadows by Karl Lagerfeld himself. I was conceived from Karl and shu uemura’s admiration and respect for one another and I’m so proud to be an icon of contemporary cuteness is an optimistic ode to beauty and fashion! Did you know that my name, “mon shu girl” means “my darling shu uemura”?

Exclusive Interview with Mon Shu Girl
“Blush is a must!”

How would people describe your style?

Mon Shu Girl: People seem to notice that I always wear Karl Lagerfeld’s signature high white collar and black tie, to reflect his personal taste of European finesse. My master has great taste when it comes to fashion, don’t you think? With my funky mushroom shaped-hair do and big red eyes, I am my master’s version of the Japanese Manga and I think I embody shu uemura’s Tokyo flare quite well!

Tell me about your journey around the world? Where are you visiting and what are is your mission?

Mon Shu Girl: After I was born, I ventured out of Karl Lagerfeld’s atelier and was eager to fulfill my mission of bringing beauty to girls all over the world with the Karl Lagerfeld and shu uemura collection! People think I’m magical since I ride around on a rouge unlimited lipstick jet to get from place to place! My first stop on my mission was in Paris. It was a successful journey, you can actually watch a video of my Parisian adventure on Facebook and see pictures of me at my favorite destinations around the globe!

What is your view on beauty? How did Karl and shu uemura inspire your view?

Mon Shu Girl: The Mon Shu girl is all about awakening the beauty that lies within – everyone has the potential to be beautiful and there is no one way to express this beauty. Karl Lagerfeld and shu uemura share a vision on beauty – which is all about awakening the beauty that lies within.. With make-up, shu uemura always broke bounderies and was adventurous and creative…make-up to me is about expressing on the outside, what is within!

Exclusive Interview with Mon Shu Girl
“There’s a reason this shade was named after me! It’s my perfect color.”

Why do you have red eyes and red lips?

Mon Shu Girl: It is the red that Karl Lagerfeld likes; the iconic color of shu uemura as well as Japanese culture. This red that Karl Lagerfeld loves so much reflects my daring personality and my passion for my mission of bringing beauty to girls everywhere, which is why I am particularly fond of the rouge unlimited “mon shu red” lipstick from the collection.

Let’s get to know you a bit better! Tell me your favorite…

Hobby: Drawing pictures and sketching, like my master Karl Lagerfeld
Skills: I don’t want to brag, but I’m a great dancer!
Color: Red, of course!
Food: Sushi, (medium fatty tuna is the best), macarons (I ate so many of these in Paris!) and diet cola as a refreshing drink
Music: I really love dancing to either soulful rock’n’roll or techno pop music
Restaurant: Café de Flore in Paris. This is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite places in Paris!

Thank you so much, Mon Shu Girl! It was a pleasure chatting with you! Be sure to check out the shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Collection for Holiday 2012, available now online and at shu uemura counters.