The Bizarre Side Effect I Experienced From An Eyelash Enhancer

Eyelash Enhancer Side Effect

I’ve used many eyelash enhancers over the years including Latisse, RapidLash, Peter Thomas Roth, Lash Food, Talika and Prevage. I had success with some of them and others showed no sign of any effect. Out of them all, I would say RapidLash gave me the biggest, longest lashes I ever had, but the drying side effects were just too much for me to handle.

I was almost ready to give up on long, thick, beautiful lashes when I decided to try EyEnvy, a salon-exclusive eyelash conditioner sold at Beauty Room (the spa I go regularly visit for eyelash lifts and pedicures, you can find other retail locations here). I saw the display a couple times and asked Amanda, the owner, if she liked it and she said her clients have awesome results. Then I saw my friend Elaine’s EyEnvy post with her before and after pictures and I was sold. So the last time I headed in for a lash lift, I also walked out with a tube of EyEnvy as well.


After about 6 weeks, I started to notice a difference. My lashes were much longer! It just seemed to lengthen the lashes I already had, not encourage any new growth because I didn’t really feel like my lashes were thicker (that’s okay though, I really feel like that’s an easy job for mascara). I didn’t experience any dryness, redness or discoloration at all, but there was one side effect of EyEnvy that nothing could have prepared me for.

For the first time in my life, my eyelashes are curly.

That’s right, I haven’t used an eyelash curler in months and not because I’ve continued to get lash lifts. It’s because I don’t actually need one anymore. Anyone who has pin-straight lashes will understand how bizarre this really is, because before EyEnvy, even waterproof mascara would barely keep a curl. There was a reason I would get regular lash lifts (basically an eyelash perm to curl lashes for about 2 months), my lashes would grow straight down and look nearly invisible because of it.

I paid around $90 for the tube which has lasted me 6 months already and I still feel like it’s not even close to running out. I used it daily for the first month, then once I started seeing results I dropped down to every second day. Now, I only use it every 3 days just to maintain my length (I wear glasses, so it gets annoying if they are too long).

I really wish I had taken before and after photos for you guys, but to be honest I wasn’t even planning on talking about it on Beautezine at all. I found these two photos though—one was taken right before my last eyelash perm (and also before starting EyEnvy) and the other photo was taken about 2 weeks ago. I’m wearing eyeliner in the second photo (I wish I had one of me without but I don’t, sorry!) but you can still see my long, curled lashes.

The last time I popped into Beauty Room, I asked Amanda if anyone else had experienced the same thing and she said she never heard of such a thing! I did a little more research, and EyEnvy does state at the very bottom of their fact sheet, “clients may notice, a remarkable curl appearance of their lashes.” I’m not quite sure what causes it or why none of the other eyelash enhancers I’ve tried don’t do it, but it was one side effect I couldn’t be more pleased with. They also warn that if you stop using the product, your lashes will return to normal, which is basically the case with any eyelash enhancer.

Looks like EyEnvy has a customer for life, because I’m never letting go of these curled lashes.

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