5 Fashion Bloggers Share Their Go-To Hairstyle Secrets

5 Fashion Bloggers Share Their Go-To Hairstyle Secrets

Fashion bloggers have such a talent for pulling together an entire look from head-to-toe while looking incredibly stylish yet with an effortless, I-didn’t-even-try-hard vibe that makes their personal style that much more enviable. Luckily, five of them have shared a few of their go-to looks and the essential products to make ’em happen. The best part? They can all be found right in the drugstore—score!

From frizz-free curls to effortlessly chic updos and more, these fabulous and fashionable ladies share their tips, tricks and stylish secrets to getting their signature looks below (click through if you’d like to head on over to their posts)!

Modern & Luxe

Chantal’s Sleek Strands

As crisp, clean and chic as her outfit, Modern & Luxe‘s sleek strands are an essential part of her daily look—even with her fine hair. Check out her essential styling products for creating a silky, smooth look without compromising volume and body.

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The Chic Confidential

Kimberley’s Dream Curls

Any girl who has curls with a mind of their own need to check out The Chic Confidential‘s go-to products for taming her mane. Nourished, frizz-free and lively curls are totally possible with the right products and Kim’s gorgeous look here is proof.

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Cara Jourdan

Cara’s Textured Top Knot

If your top knot needs to up the “chic” factor in “effortlessly chic”, this one’s for you. Cara Jourdan shows how to create the perfect textured top knot with just a few key products. The final look is pretty and polished while still having that undone, carefree vibe at the same time. Check it out!

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Tobruck Ave

Kiara’s Polished Waves

Go from summery beach waves to structured curls with Tobruck Ave‘s super simple hair curling tip! She also shares her essential products for boosting shine and dimension to enhance her rich, brown hair colour.

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