Giorgio Armani Écailles Collection Summer 2012 Photos & Information

Giorgio Armani Écailles Collection Summer 2012

This summer, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics reveals a new facet to uncover the mysterious allure of the sea: women’s beauty linked with the depths of the sea, where reds and oranges disappear, giving way to cooler liquid tones.
This collection is inspired by the play of moonlight on the ocean, by myriad shades from inky depths, by white and black pearls. The complexion is pale and luminous, lips are soft and feminine.” – Linda Cantello, International Make Up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
Available May 2012 at Holt Renfrew and select Giorgio Armani Cosmetics counters. 

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Product Information

Écailles Luxury Edition Eye Palette ($150 CDN) – Limited Edition

A black lacquered compact, dressed in delicately handcrafted black mother-of-pearl. Available in 4000 pieces worldwide. A harmonious blend of deep sea blue, algae, lagoon turquoise and shimmering crest-of-a-wave white: colours to awaken eyes with a splash of natural radiance.

Écailles Classic Edition Eye Palette ($59 USD / $70 CDN)

A cooler harmony in the black lacquered signature compact, with four shades layering pearly blue and grey with frothy white and inky navy, intensifying the lash lines. The pioneering Giorgio Armani Color-Fil™ technology allows delicate micronized pigments to be fused with a translucent base to offer unrivalled depth of color delivered in a sumptuous featherweight texture.

Face and Cheeks Duo Palette ($60 USD / $65 CDN)

The ultra-fine powders of the Face Palette with Giorgio Armani’s Micro-Fil™ technology come in a complementary duo of shades. Cheeks are warmed with a sun-kissed flush.


  • Blushed: Seashell pink / White foam


Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows ($32 USD / $42 CDN)

For the first time, Eyes To Kill Intense unveils a pearl blend that radiates four spellbinding colors.  Each of the Eyes to Kill Intense shades are based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multi-dimensional colors.

This season’s must-have, “Madre Perla” is a blend of precious white pearls that instantly radiates ever-changing pink, purple, blue and green light for hours. It can be swept over eyes and temples, like a radiance veil as seen in the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2012 show “Nacré”. Neither a cream nor a powder, this incredible hybrid formula acts like a color suspension that delivers a dreamy, ethereal beauty to the eyes with a 24 hour hold.


  • #20 Obsidian Black (Limited Edition)
  • #21 Obsidian Grey
  • #22 Écailles
  • #24 Madre Perla (Limited Edition)


Gloss D’Armani ($28 USD / $38 CDN)

Giorgio Armani introduces a new water-colour effect, for the first time by blending inky translucent lacquers with robust micronized pigments. Liquid beauty comes to life.


  • #509 Pink Quartz
  • $510 Rose Crocoite (Limited Edition)
  • #511 Raspberry Zincite
  • #512 Red Andradite


Note: Prices in USD are incomplete, I will update this post once I receive confirmation on the USD pricing.