Is This High-End Micellar Water Worth It?

Guerlain Eau de Beaute Micellar Cleansing Water

In case you aren’t aware, we’re cleansing fanatics at Beautezine. We are all about the cleansing oils (particularly this lightly foaming one), the makeup-dissolving creamy balms and anything that effectively cleanses our skin of the various cosmetics we sport (or test out!) on a daily basis. We feel it’s one of the key elements to having healthy skin (and we’re pretty sure most people in this industry will agree with us).

When we first started using cleansing water, we became faithful devotees of the micellar religion. It was a major revelation that a simple-looking fluid would be able to remove our makeup – mascara included – without even hitting our skin with water, let alone a traditional form of cleanser thereafter. Cleansing waters have stormed the market in recent years with many skincare brands emerging with their own version of micellar-driven formula. We recently received Guerlain Eau de Beauté Micellar Cleansing Water ($59) and had a bit of sticker shock as we read the press release. We wondered if this pricier cleansing water would be able to hold its own.

The formula, which boasts antioxidant-rich nigella oil as its key ingredient, has a pleasant fragrance that’s rather refreshing. It’s worth noting that this cleansing water doesn’t share the same scent as other Guerlain products, which is usually violet-based. That being said, anyone who has sensitivities to fragrance in their cosmetics or skincare will probably want to steer clear (stick to something like Bioderma SensiBio H2O, as it’s fragrance-free and meant for sensitive skin). We swatched liquid liners, long-wear liquid lipstick and lip gloss to put this micellar water to the test and Eau de Beauté Micellar Cleansing Water had no trouble removing the gloss and eyeliner in a single pass. The liquid lipstick was a bit more of a challenge to remove, but this micellar water still did the trick with a bit more pressure (probably not a method you’d choose to employ too frequently when dealing with facial skin).

Is this micellar water worth the splurge? Not necessarily, especially when there are so many alternatives at a variety of more palatable price points out there. If you do spring for this cleansing water, you can rest assured that it is effective at removing makeup and leaving skin soft and ready for the rest of your skincare routine.

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