A Step-By-Step Guide To Baking… Your Face

Marcelle How To Bake

I’m a huge fan of baking—cookies, cupcakes, you name it. But when it comes to baking makeup, I understand it can be a bit intimidating. First of all, if you haven’t heard about “baking” when it comes to the beauty world, it’s essentially a technique to set your base makeup so it stays put all day and leaves skin with a flawless finish. Second, baking is actually quite simple, and if you’re setting your makeup with powder, then you’re already half way there!

This guide will show you how to even out skintone, conceal dark circles and lock everything in place by baking with loose powder. To demonstrate, I’m using three budget-friendly complexion products from Marcelle—foundation, concealer and powder.

Whether you’re in for a long day of work, heading to a special event or just getting ready for a night out with the girls—this technique will keep you looking fresh and flawless from morning until night.

  • Step 1

    Apply Marcelle Flawless Skin-Fusion Foundation to the entire face, concentrating on problem areas. This formula leaves skin with a radiant, second-skin finish while covering imperfections like redness, discoloration and blemishes. I’m using the shade Buff Beige.

  • I prefer to use a damp sponge and press the foundation into the skin to seamlessly blend the product into the skin.

  • Don’t forget to blend along the jawline and down into the neck!

  • Step 2

    Apply Marcelle Flawless Skin-Fusion Concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles. The lightweight formula has a natural-looking finish that blends into the skin seamlessly. I’m using the shade Fair, which is slightly lighter than my skintone and will help to brighten the complexion.

  • Apply the concealer with the doe-foot applicator under the eyes, creating upside-down triangles. You can also apply it to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and on the chin to add brightness to the complexion.

  • Blend the concealer in with a sponge, fingers or a brush, using a patting motion.

  • Step 3

    Now it’s time to bake! Apply Marcelle Transluscent Face Powder to the areas where you applied the concealer. This loose powder has a super silky texture that locks makeup in place and leaves skin with a poreless, airbrushed finish.

  • Apply a generous amount of powder under the eyes using a sponge.

  • Don’t forget to apply to the forehead, nose and chin, too!

  • Now it’s time to play the waiting game! Wait at least 5-10 minutes and let the powder “bake”.

  • Step 4

    Sweep away any excess powder from under the eyes (and wherever else you applied it to bake) with a large, clean fluffy brush.

  • Blend whatever is left on the brush over the rest of the face for a uniform finish.

  • Complexion, complete! Smooth, even and locked in place for all-day wear.

  • Step 5

    Add definition, shape and colour back to the face with blush, bronzer and highlighter. Finish off your makeup as you desire! If you prefer a dewy finish, apply a hydrating setting spray as your last step.

  • Finished

    The final flawless face!

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