3 Ways to Wear Bright Colored Eyeliner

3 Ways to Wear Bright Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner can be a little intimidating—especially vibrant, neon and pastel shades that are more about making a statement rather than adding definition to the lashline. Colored eyeliner can be super fun and surprisingly wearable, especially for the warm summer months ahead.

Here are three quick and easy ways to incorporate bright, bold eyeliner into your look. The best part? Anyone can pull it off.  So get creative, colorful and have fun!

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  • Thin Cat-Eye
  • This look is my favorite out of them all because it allows you to use very bold, vibrant colors without overpowering your entire look. Use a bright liquid eyeliner with an ultra-fine brush (here I used the NYX Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Sapphire) and create a very thin cat-eye, tapering the inner and outer corners as thin and sharp as you can.

    Make sure to apply lots of jet-black mascara on your upper and lower lashes afterwards. Fluttery, dark lashes help to partially block the bright colored eyeliner while still allowing it to subtly peek through, making it much more wearable. This technique looks amazing for bright blues, greens and purples—but it’s not the best for pastels or pale shades (more on that below)!

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  • Inner Corner
  • Inner Corner

    This is by far the easiest way to incorporate some color into your look! All it involves is applying a bright eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye (and even onto the waterline and lower lashline if you wish) and softly blending it out with a clean brush. The goal is to get a “diffused” look, with the bright eyeliner blending out seamlessly with a starburst effect. Here I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Heartless, a light frosty pink

    This looks best with very light colors like pale pink or chartreuse green. It particularly looks great with frosty or shimmerery shades as it doubles as a highlighter to really brighten up the eye area!

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  • Double-Line
  • Double-Line

    This technique is a bit similar to the previous one, but it involves using a double line (one with color, one with matte black) instead of a single one. The added definition of the black eyeliner allows pale pastels and lighter colors to pop even more—giving it a much more flattering effect.

    I used the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in M30, a pale mint green, and drew a thick line along the upper lashline. I winged the eyeliner out a bit, but don’t worry about being too precise just yet.

    Next, I took a black liquid eyeliner (I used the NYX Matte Liquid Liner) to draw a thin black line along the upper lashline, ensuring it is placed as close to the lashes as possible. After I flicked the outer corner into a cat eye, I used a Q-tip saturated in makeup remover to sharpen the edge.

    This look is great for rocking those pale pastels like mint, yellow and even pink!

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