Is the Tangle Teezer Really Worth $25?

Is the Tangle Teezer Really Worth $25?

You would think that because I have silky, straight hair, that I probably wouldn’t spend very much time detangling it. The truth is… washing my hair is the bane of my existence because it means I’m going to have to spend the next hour with a wide-tooth comb, detangling what appears to be a bird’s nest under the nape of my neck. It’s also a million times worse after curling my hair, and heaven forbid it’s a windy day.

For years, I simply used wide-tooth, detangling combs (from the likes of Goody or Sephora) and I figured that my detangling ritual was just a necessary evil for having long hair. I had heard about the Tangle Teezer ($25) a long time ago, but the fact that a) it looks similar to a regular hair brush and b) it was $25, made me totally dismiss it. Despite hearing people rave about it and watching the brand rack up the consumer awards, I still just thought it would be the same old game.

Finally, the curious beauty addict in me decided it was time to give it a go. While it looks like a palm-sized hairbrush without the handle, it’s actually a very unique tool. It can be used on wet or dry hair and for all hair types (even extensions or fragile hair). It fits nicely into the palm of my hand and although it does take a little getting used to. It comes in four colors, and because of it’s small size, it’s easy to travel with or keep in your purse as well.

The spikes on this brush feel much sharper and harder than other brushes I’ve tried; if you are a little too rough, your scalp might feel a bit sore. Don’t push so hard, and simply let the brush work its magic. In about half the time it usually takes me to pick away at my knots, this brush had my long hair totally smooth. I also found it did so without breaking as much hair, with only a few strands left in the brush after I was finished. I like the fact it comes with a protective cover, because at $25— you don’t want to be damaging the bristles and having to replace it.

The only regret I have about this brush is that I didn’t try it sooner. De-tangling my hair isn’t a long, drawn-out process that I despise and fear anymore and that itself is definitely with $25.

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