Jazz Club: The No-Fail Men’s Fragrance to Give

Jazz Club: The No-Fail Men's Fragrance to Give

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will help make your last-minute Holiday shopping for the man (or men) on your list a little easier—buy this fragrance. Done.

Maison Martin Margiela REPLICA Jazz Club ($125), the first and only men’s fragrance in the designer’s REPLICA range, is a scent I’ve personally turned 3 men in my life onto—my boyfriend, my brother and my best guy friend—yes, they all smell the same now (and yes, it’s a bit weird). I also know that they have many other friends who want it now too, after smelling it.

What does Jazz Club smell like? Well, first of all, the entire REPLICA range is designed to replicate a place, time and style experienced by Martin Margiela, so that would be your first clue. This fragrance was designed to evoke the masculine and exhilerating ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club (circa 2013, to be exact). Think heady cocktails, tobacco leaves, leather barstools cigars and sweet vanilla—and then add a few dashes of Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler and Daniel Craig and you’ve got yourself the heart and soul of Jazz Club.

In more simple terms, it smells like a manly man.

The bottle resembles a classic apothecary jar, with a 100% cotton label (similar to the tags on Maison Martin Margiela’s REPLICA couture clothing) and rope-wrapped pumps. It’s spicy, smooth and a bottle full of confidence than any man (and literally every man I know) will love.

I understand that buying a fragrance for someone can be a daunting task—with so many different types and personal preferences, it’s a choice usually left up to the recipient. I’m telling you right now though—this one is a sure-fire winner.

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