I Got A Lash Lift and The Results Are Amazing

I first discovered lash lifts about five years ago and, as an instant fan, have been getting them fairly regularly ever since. The service has become increasingly popular in the last year or two, so I decided to document my latest treatment and share the before and after photos so you can see the dramatic difference it makes.

First of all, a lash lift is basically the process of perming lashes (like you would the hair on your head) so they stay lifted and curled—truly a godsend for those like me with poker-straight lashes.

It’s not a service for everyone, though; if you’re already blessed with naturally-curled lashes, you might not see a huge difference. But for anyone with a straight, hard-to-curl fringe, it can make quite a dramatic difference.

Take a look and my before and after photos:

Lash Lift Before
Lash Lift After

So here’s what the process involves: A rounded silicone pad is placed on the upper eyelid and lashes are glued in place with a light adhesive (it sounds creepy, I know). Then, a perm solution is applied, followed by a neutralizer (each being left on the lashes for about 20 minutes). Finally, the glue is dissolved to release the lashes and the eye area is cleaned. The entire process takes about an hour and while prices vary depending on the location, typically it costs around $60-$80.

It might sound scary and intense, but it’s not at all. I go to Amanda at The Beauty Room in Toronto’s Liberty Village and always leave with amazing results (check out her Instagram to see other amazing before and after pictures). The procedure itself is totally relaxing, thanks to the ultra-cozy bed, soothing music and private room. I usually end up napping during my treatment.

The effect is supposed to last about six to eight weeks, but I find it lasts longer on me (about three months). You’ll have to avoid wearing makeup until the following day, but other than that, you can treat your lashes as you normally would, making a lift much less maintenance than extensions. You can also have your lashes tinted at the same time if you wish, but I love wearing mascara so I don’t usually opt for it.

Let’s take a look one more time with a close-up:

Lash Lift Before & After

I was surprised by how long my lashes looked after my lift.  I didn’t know those long lashes were hiding in plain sight—it really opens up the eye area and makes eyes pop. I’ve been using EyEnvy for several months now to help my lashes grow longer and stronger (read about it here), which I think really helped enhance the final results.

If you want to ditch the eyelash curler for good, I’d recommend giving a lash lift a try. If you’re in the Toronto area—definitely head to The Beauty Room to try out the service.

Would you try a lash lift? Let us know in the comments!