Lise Watier Spring 2013 Blush in Pink Power Review, Photos & Swatches

Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power

The Lise Watier Pastel Power Collection for Spring 2013 includes the Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power ($30 USD / $30 CAD), a gorgeous coral pink blush with embossed detailing and shimmery highlight flowers. This limited-edition collection is full of luscious pinks, soft corals and muted greens- all working together so perfectly for a beautiful, Spring-appropriate collection. Available now at Lise Watier.

For years, Lise Watier has been one of the leading makeup brands here in Canada- and it’s incredibly exciting to know that they have now branched into the USA (online only for now, but I’m sure they will set up retail locations soon). This is fantastic news because it’s truly a great brand and I’m excited that more of my readers can get their hands on it!

Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Gorgeous detailing on the compact lid
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power (note the size)
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Gorgeous embossed detailing

This blush is possibly one of the most gorgeous blushes I’ve ever seen. From the beautiful rose and mint green detailing on the lid, to the embossed flower-print design in the powder itself. The entire blush is a work of art, and I really love the colors chosen; it just sings Spring time. The compact has a nice big mirror on the interior lid, and this blush itself is huge, so I know this will last a long time.

The powder itself has a bright, coral-pink matte blush base with four embossed flowers of champagne highlight powder. The highlight powder goes all the way through the compact (not just an overspray), so you’ll have the same color and texture throughout the entire use of the blush.

The blush is incredibly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. If you have a small enough brush, you can just grab some of the blush alone (and highlight powder alone), but its much more practical to just swirl the entire powder together.  The only thing that I’m not in love with about this blush is that the highlighter is a little chunky- the shimmer pieces are quite large, so it has a little bit of noticeable shimmer instead of a finely-milled “glow”. When mixed together it creates a shimmery, pale pink blush that really looks lovely and perfect for Spring!

My apologies for the lack of a face swatch- i’m currently travelling and forgot to take one! I will do a look with this collection, so you’ll be able to see it on me then and I’ll update this post with a photo once I get home!

Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power
Swatches (L-R): Blush alone, Highlight Alone & Blush + Highlighter blended together
Lise Watier Blush in Pink Power (Spring 2013)
PRICE: $30 USD / $30 CAD for 0.41oz / 11.5g
AVAILABILITY: Lise Watier (Limited Edition)
SELECTION: See the rest of the Lise Watier Spring 2013 Collection here.

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