Must Have: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof really likes to get me hooked on their hair products. It seems like every time I find a great budget-friendly styling product from the drugstore, Living Proof comes along and makes a formula so good I can’t help but splurge. I’ve already talked about how obsessed I am with their dry shampoo, but now I need to rave about their new Full Dry Volume Blast hair texturizer.

I’ve been a fan of dry texturizing sprays for a long time now. As someone with long, limp, pin-straight hair, they are essential for giving me the grip I need to create any sort of style. I’ve rotated through many formulas over the years, most of them from the drugstore. I’d just look for something that would give me a bit of texture and body but this new formula blows them all out of the water.

Full Dry Volume Blast is designed to give an instant volume boost without weighing hair down—at all. It feels light as air (in fact, it kind of feels like you’re not really spraying anything at all) but yet makes hair full with body and lift. It’s a miracle-worker for those with fine hair and it actually lasts much longer than any other formula I’ve tried.

The magic is in their patent-pending “expandable, textured-aero-spheres” which are bigger (yet lighter) than other industry standard molecules. They help plump up hair without weighing it down, making wispy, full, voluminous styles a breeze without leaving any residue behind.

If flat, limp hair is your issue—try out this texturizing spray. You’ll see how different it is from all the others out there!

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast retails for $29 and is available online at Available online at

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