L’Oréal Expands Pure-Clay Range

L'Oreal Pure-Clay

If there’s one skincare ingredient that has been in the spotlight more than any other in the past year, it’s clay. We’re seeing it pop up everywhere lately—from skincare to makeup to haircare and more. It’s no surprise though, when you discover its many amazing benefits like purifying, exfoliating and even hydrating skin. Last year, L’Oréal launched their first line-up of Pure-Clay Masks (more on those here) and this summer they are expanding the range to include a brand new lineup of clay-infused daily cleansers and a fourth mask to amp up your multimasking routine.

All of the products in the Pure-Clay range are formulated with the three signature mineral clays; Kaolin (to absorb excess shine and purify the skin), Montmorillonite (to balance and hydrate the skin) and Ghassoul (a traditional Moroccan volcanic clay to purify skin). Each cleanser and mask is also formulated with another specific ingredient to address specific skin needs.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay

First, let’s start off with the exciting new formulation—the Pure-Clay Cleansers ($12.99 each). You’ll probably notice the three cleansers resemble the original face masks in colour—there’s a green one, a black one and a red one. They have a clay-to-mousse texture, which lathers up beautifully and rinses away without leaving any residue behind for an ultra-clean feeling. While the masks are great for treating skin in need of a little extra TLC, the cleansers deliver the skin-loving benefits of clay on a daily basis.

The Purifying & Mattifying Cleanser (the green one) also contains Eucalyptus, which helps to purify pores and mattify oily skin for a fresh, shine-free complexion. The eucalyptus leaves skin with a refreshing, cooling sensation and is perfect to help balance oily skin on a daily basis.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay

The Energizing & Brightening Cleanser (the black one) contains Charcoal to deeply cleanse skin and energize it, leaving it with a vibrant glow. This formula is fantastic for drawing out dirt, oil and pollution without drying skin out (and is probably a good place to start if you’re unsure of which one to try).

Finally, the Exfoliating & Refining Cleanser (the red one) contains Red Algae to minimize large pores and smooth rough, textured skin. It has a slightly gritty texture to help resurface skin (but very gently!) for a super soft complexion after each use.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay

L’Oréal is also expanding the Pure-Clay Mask range with the addition of the Comforting & Unifying Mask ($14.99) for sensitive skin. It is also formulated with the same three signature clays, but it also contains seaweed to soothe and calm irritated, stressed-out skin while gently cleansing and purifying.

It has a lovely fresh scent, an ultra-creamy texture and a vibrant blue hue that adds a fun twist to your multi-masking routine.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay


To help kickstart your clay-infused skincare routine, we’re giving away three L’Oréal Pure-Clay skincare sets for you and two of your friends, each filled with the entire Pure-Clay range of Cleansers and Masks. Head on over to this Instagram post and tag two friends that you want to multimask with—all three of you might each win the entire collection to try (and post cute selfies, of course).

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