Maison Margiela Adds 3 New Fragrances To REPLICA Range

Maison Margiela REPLICA

I make it my mission to get my hands on every single new Maison Margiela REPLICA fragrance, no matter what it smells like, which is something I would never do with any other label. Perhaps my bond with the range is fueled by the same concept of the collection itself—the powerful association of scent and memory. Knowing the fragrances were inspired by moments, places and dreams make them that much more special and I feel as if I’m transported into someone else’s memory with each whiff.

Three new fragrances join the REPLICA family—Music Festival and Sailing Day join the original eau de toilette line-up and Fantasies: Wicked Love, the first new addition to join the dream-inspired (as opposed to memory-inspired) eau de parfum collection since its debut last year.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Music Festival, Sailing Day, Wicked Love

All three fragrances are unisex; Sailing Day and Music Festival are ‘female and male fragrances’ (joining By The Fireplace which launched in 2016) while Wicked Love, as with the rest of the Fantasies collection, is ‘gender anonymous’.

So, how do they smell? Keeping in mind that fragrance opinions are very subjective, here are my thoughts on the three newbies:

Maison Margiela REPLICA Music Festival

Music Festival

REPLICA Music Festival was inspired by Woodstock, 1969 with (unsurprising) notes of cannabis, patchouli and leather. I was skeptical about this one, but it is actually my favourite out of the three. It smells much more sophisticated then what I’m sure you’re picturing. It has a warm spiciness to it and the patchouli is really the star note here.

I wasn’t alive in the 60s, but in my mind, this is exactly what I would imagine carefree, peace-and-love hippy vibes to smell like… if vibes had a smell. I really love this one and think it’s going to be very nostalgic for many.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day

Sailing Day

REPLICA Sailing Day was inspired by sunny afternoons, sailing through the crystal waters of Greece, with nothing but clear blue skies ahead. This ultra-fresh fragrance combines an aquatic accord, coriander and red seaweed essence to evoke that Mediterranean holiday vibe.

It is very aquatic and quite different from Beach Walk, which has more of a salty, warm skin smell to it. I would love to smell this on a man, but I wouldn’t wear it myself (although my best friend really liked this one for her).

Maison Margiela REPLICA Fantasties: Wicked Love

Wicked Love

REPLICA Fantasties: Wicked Love is probably the most perplexing fragrance I have ever come across. While the eau de toilette names paint a picture that most people can imagine, the Fantasies are much more obscure and unconventional, so it’s hard to know what they are going to actually smell like. In this case, Wicked Love is a dangerous, intoxicating love potion that smells like “gunmetal and roses”—quite an accurate description, actually.

The fragrance begins with water hyacinth, unsuspectingly paired with green pepper and basil (I think this is where the metallic aspect comes from?). Then, it reveals a blend of rose and jasmine florals and finishes with white musk and earthy vetiver essence. I think this is a very complex and intriguing fragrance, but I don’t think it smells as seductive as the story makes it seem. Although, the more I smell it, the more I like it—so there’s that?

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day ($126/1.4ozEDT) and REPLICA Music Festival ($126/1.4oz EDT) fragrances are available online now at (coming soon to Sephora, but not up yet) and REPLICA Fantasies: Wicked Love ($180/1.4oz EDP) is available online at

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