How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out When Wearing Glasses

Makeup For Glasses

As much as I wish I could wear contacts on a regular basis (or better yet, have perfect vision), I’ve come to accept the fact I am a glasses girl. I’ve embraced the frames and usually feel naked when they aren’t on my face—but they can pose a few challenges when it comes to wearing makeup.

Eyes can get lost behind the frames, lenses can enhance what we try to hide, but over the past few years of wearing glasses day in and day out, I’ve found a few tips for making sure my eyes stand out, even behind my beloved frames.

The great news is that making your eyes stand-out isn’t that difficult—glasses already draw attention to your eyes. By defining your eyes with makeup, you can make sure your glasses aren’t getting all of the attention.

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  • Tip #1: Line & Define
  • Tip #1: Line & Define

    It wasn’t until I started wearing glasses I truly realized how much I loved eyeliner—it really is a must-have for those who wear glasses since it adds so much more definition than mascara alone. Use a creamy, gel pencil to line the upper lash line and softly smudge it with a cotton swab or angled brush. Then, I go over the line again to intensify the color really close to the lash line. Feel free to go a bit heavier on the eyeliner—it won’t look as intense behind your glasses but it will help define your eyes! I do avoid applying eyeliner to my lower lash line, as it can make my eyes look too dark (read: tired) behind my glasses.

    The Almay Intense i-COLOR Gel Smooth Liner glides on beautifully with great color payoff, plus the shades are designed to make your natural eye color pop (a double bonus for those wearing glasses)! I like the shade in Espresso because the brown hue makes the green in my eyes stand out. Try playing with contrasting colors to make your eye color pop or a complementary color to enhance your eye color (Almay recommends navy for blue eyes, grey for hazel eyes and black for brown eyes)! The formula lasts all day (so you don’t have to worry about it flaking or fading) and it is safe for sensitive eyes.

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  • Tip #2: Luscious Lashes
  • Tip #2: Luscious Lashes

    Mascara is your other best friend to really make your eyes stand out behind your frames—you’ll want to define and thicken each lash to make them stand out, but have a soft, fluttery look. Glasses can make clumpy mascara look even worse, so make sure you’re getting separation for a fanned-out lash look.

    Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara gives you everything you need for full, fluttery lashes—volume, length, definition and conditioning. Even if I’m wearing a colored eyeliner, I’ll always go for black mascara; the contrast really makes your eyes pop and it’s a great way to add subtle definition to the lower lashline. Start with the mascara wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle up to the tips to grab and coat each lash. This formula won’t flake or irritate eyes, yet it is still easy to remove after the day is done without tugging or pulling.

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  • Tip #3: Brighten and Smooth
  • Tip #3: Brighten and Smooth

    The “geek chic” trend is still going strong, with larger frames being super popular right now. The good news is that putting on a pair of dark frames instantly will help diminish the look of dark circles a bit. The bad news is that these larger lenses are putting our under eye area in the spotlight. Creasing, caking or dry under eyes are amplified with glasses, so make sure to use a smoothing, anti-aging concealer.

    Almay Age Essentials Concealer not only instantly covers dark spots, but it hydrates the delicate skin under the eye and fights the signs of aging with collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides (double bonus)! It helps to diffuse the look of those pesky fine lines under the eyes—plus it has SPF 20 to help protect the delicate skin around the eye from the damaging effects of the sun.

    Makeup for Glasses

    Using expired makeup, sharing eye products and using makeup not meant for the eye area can cause irritation, infection and can lead to other serious damage. Whether you wear glasses, contacts or you have crystal clear vision, it’s important to look for eye-healthy makeup and practice good hygiene.

    Almay’s products are hypoallergenic, formulated without harsh irritants or unnecessary fragrances and they are great for those with sensitive eyes, so they are a safe bet for those searching for eye-healthy makeup. They are also ophthalmologist-tested and safe for wearing contact lenses, should you choose to swap out the frames.

    Makeup For Glasses

    Almay has partnered up with (the site my frames are from) to talk more about eye-healthy makeup and tips for wearing makeup with glasses—plus you can score a sample of their One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara with each order. Click here to learn more!

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