mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks Review, Photos & Swatches

mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks

I love multi-tasking products… so I was particularly intriguied by the mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks ($10 USD) which are formulated with 2% salicylic acid to treat acne while hiding them! Usually when I have a breakout, I try not to put makeup on it (if I’m just at home, obviously) in hopes to help it heal up faster- but I figured I’d give these a go!

I’m happy to see that the line has 7 different oil-free shades, because a matching concealer (especially on top of a pimple) is super important; you don’t want to brighten it, or it will highlight it and make it stick out even more, and you don’t want to darken it, which will make it worse. A perfect shade match to your skin is essential for concealing a blemish. I found that the Light shade was a great match for me!

mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks
mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks (L-R) Light, Medium & Deep

The concealer is pretty much full coverage, which is great for hiding blemishes completely.  The formula is a tad drier than other concealer sticks that I’ve tried in the past- but I think that’s for the best for a product meant to sit on top of blemishes (you don’t want something hydrating or made with oil).

Unfortunately (for me), I did have some blemishes this past week to test this concealer on, and I have to say that I’m neither impressed nor disappointed. The concealer covered my blemishes quite well and looked natural, but unfortunately it didn’t have the intense staying power I need from a concealer that’s doing such an important job. I found after about mid-day I needed to do touch-ups (which isn’t hard because of the convenient stick form… but still).

In terms of acne-fighting power… It didn’t do much for me in terms of speeding up blemish treatment, but that’s not uncommon for me and salicylic acid. We’ve never been buddies… it never has really helped out with acne. However, if you’re a person that knows salicylic acid works for you then these may help you more than they did for me. On the other hand, they didn’t make my acne worse at all- so that’s good!

One thing to keep in mind is that these concealers need to stay away from your undereye area- no concealing dark circles with these guys! It can irritate the sensitive skin under the eyes, so opt for a more hydrating concealer instead for that area.

mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks
Note the size & shape
mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks
Swatches (L-R): Light, Medium & Deep
mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Sticks
PRICE: $10 USD for 0.06oz / 1.8g
SELECTION: Available in 7 shades (see them all here)

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