Hot Right Now: Micellar Waters

Micellar waters have been around for a while—they’ve been popular in France for decades—but lately, more and more are hitting store shelves (especially at the drugstore). Never tried one? You’re missing out! They’re our go-to for gentle makeup removal, be it from our face or even our arms and hands after a day of swatching.

The magic behind micellar waters is a clever bit of science. A micelle is a round cluster of molecules that’s exterior is attracted to water, while the interior is attracted to oil. When you swipe it over the surface of your skin using a soaked cotton pad, the cluster opens up and its core sucks up impurities.

This process is much more gentle than that with regular makeup remover, which uses oil to dissolve makeup’s bond to the skin so you can wipe it away. Micellar waters get the job done with less mess and irritation, and you don’t have to rinse your skin after, so your pH levels stay intact.

Check out six awesome formulas to suit every skin type by clicking on the info buttons above! Have a favourite cleansing water already? Let us know in the comments.

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