I Tried Microneedling and Here’s What Happened

You may remember when Kim Kardashian shocked the world with her bloody vampire facial selfie a few years ago, and everyone was wondering two things—first, what the heck is a vampire facial and second, why would anyone do this?

What Kim K received was a version of a Dermapen treatment. The treatment, also known as Dermaroller, eDermastamp (eDS) or “microneedling” is considered a form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Here’s the theory behind turning your face into a pin cushion: tiny needles puncture the surface of the skin at a super high speed (and at a very specific depth) which leaves the integrity of the skin intact, but triggers a natural repair mechanism to initiate the proliferation of new cells, collagen and capillaries. As a result, skin heals up stronger, healthier and more youthful. You basically trick your skin into repairing itself.

After chatting with Petra Hughes, a medical aesthetician at Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto and hearing her rave about the amazing results she was seeing with her eDermastamp treatments, I decided to give it a go.

Yep, I turned my face into a pin cushion in the name of beauty.

Receiving an eDermastamp treatment at Edelsein Cosmetic

During the treatment, Petra began by applying a numbing cream to my face. The numbing sensation helps to reduce discomfort—but I do have to say it didn’t take away all sensation. I never felt any pain, but there was a bit of discomfort in areas that weren’t very fleshy (like around my forehead or jawline). The pen doesn’t look too scary, and when it’s on, the needles are moving so fast you can’t even see them. Using a hyaluronic acid gel to help lubricate the tool, Petra used small, circular motions all over my face. The treatment finished off with a cooling sheet mask that also helped to immediately reduce redness. The next day, my skin looked like it had a mild sunburn, but within about 24-48 hours it was back to its normal state.

Did I bleed? Oh, heck yes.

The whole concept seems a little more scary than it really was, but Petra helped me to feel comfortable and explained everything she was doing along the way. The hardest part about the treatment was waiting to see the results. While many patients will see an improvement in their skin after one treatment, it will still take 8 weeks to see the full results. I completed three separate treatments, 8 weeks apart each, and my before and after photos actually blew me away.

The Results

Before Microneedling
After Microneedling

I used the same skincare regime and didn’t make any huge changes in my lifestyle or eating habits, yet the condition of my skin improved quite significantly. Blotchiness was reduced, my skin feels more resilient and doesn’t get irritated as easily, my pores look smaller and my skin actually feels tighter (not that I had much laxity to begin with, but enough that I noticed a difference). If I had to describe the way my skin feels after the treatments in one word, I’d say it feels “healthier”.

Microneedling is a great alternative to traditional treatments like lasers (so it can be used on all skin tones) and harnesses your body’s natural repair mechanisms to treat a multitude of concerns like scars (acne, burns, raised scars, etc), stretch marks, large pores, pigmentation irregularities, cellulite, saggy skin, wrinkles and fine lines. The treatments can be quite costly, running you about $500 per session (but remember, that’s less than a syringe of filler and the results last longer). Even if you don’t have many skin issues but just want an overall improved complexion, this treatment may be the one for you.

Visit Edelstein Cosmetic for more information on this treatment and feel free to leave any questions you have below!

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