Sephora is Launching the Cutest Collection with Moschino

Moschino Sephora

Let’s just get this out of the way: We’re suckers for really cute, kitschy beauty products. While we’re firm believers that the products should speak for themselves (in terms of innovation and results, of course), it doesn’t hurt if some products are housed in some really adorable packaging—like, say, teddy bears. That’s why we were so excited when we caught wind of the MOSCHINO + SEPHORA collaboration (and then subsequently saw how unreasonably cute it was).

Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott explained, “Beauty to me is half the story of fashion, so to be able to share my vision of Moschino in beauty, it was clear that Sephora Collection was the perfect partner.” This limited edition collection encases some of Sephora’s most-loved products in one of Moschino’s most iconic mascots: the teddy toy.

Moschino Sephora Collection

The lineup includes five makeup products and three accessories, including the MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Bear Eyeshadow Palette ($48), Bear Lip Gloss Chain ($32), Bear Highlighter ($22), Bear Brush Set ($54), Shopping Bag Mini Palette ($18—the only product not shown here) and, arguably the cutest of the bunch, the Bear Eye Mask ($20).

The eyeshadow palette comes with 21 colourful shades worthy of the Moschino name. A few of the shades did feel a *bit* powdery, but overall the palette has an amazing array of unique hues and a nice variety of textures. A few of our faves? Spun Gold and A*T*Tude are absolutely beautiful and quite unique!

Moschino Sephora Collection

Moschino Sephora Collection

Bear Eyeshadow Palette
(L-R) Adore, Penny’s From Heaven, Bound Brown, Mesmerized, Fantasy, Fort Knox, Clay
Bear Eyeshadow Palette (L-R) Fleur, Angel Wings, Kisses, Prairie Flower, Pixie Dust, Moon Dust, Spun Gold
(L-R) Fleur, Angel Wings, Kisses, Prairie Flower, Pixie Dust, Moon Dust, Spun Gold
Bear Eyeshadow Palette (L-R) Palace, Magic, Twilight Blue, A*T*Tude, Barely Bare, Night Life, Deep Sea
(L-R) Palace, Magic, Twilight Blue, A*T*Tude, Barely Bare, Night Life, Deep Sea

The lip glosses come with six hues—Milano, Soho, Hollywood, Miami, Malibu and Paris Pink—as well as a gold teddy bear chain that fits your shade du jour for easy touch-ups.

They pack a pretty powerful punch of colour and almost felt more like a liquid lipstick, but with a high shine finish and smooth texture (no tackiness here)! They did have a bit of a plastic-y scent to them, so I’d pass on them if you have a sensitive nose.

Moschino Sephora Collection

Bear Lip Gloss Chain
Bear Lip Gloss Chain (L-R) Malibu, Paris Mink, Miami, Hollywood, Milano, Soho

The highlighter compact is probably the least “extra” in this collection, offering two shades of luminous, sheer powder to brighten the complexion. Uptown is a soft champagne and Downtown has more of a rose gold tone to it.

If you’re wanting to get in on the collection but aren’t feeling the over-the-top items, this highlighter compact is perfect for a practical purchase with a touch of Moschino magic.

Moschino Sephora Collection

Bear Highlighter
Bear Highlighter, Uptown (left) & Downtown (right)

While we can’t confirm that no teddy bears were harmed in the making of either the brush set (which contains five brushes for face and eyes) and eye mask, we can confirm that they will make adorable additions to your vanity and travel essentials.

Consider the eye mask a grown-up way to bring your teddy bear with you on your travels, or at the very least a new and fun way to scare your dog (just me?). Also, it’s surprisingly comfy for how large it is!

Moschino Sephora Collection

Moschino Sephora Collection

The only downside to this collection (other than the fact that it’s limited edition and is probably going to sell out quick, of course) is that the outside of the packaging is so shiny it makes it difficult to ‘gram without getting your face (you’ll have to forgive the sad/worried teddy bears above—the reflections made shooting them quite difficult)! My recommendation if you’re going to do an overhead snap of your #SephoraHaul, definitely be wearing the eye mask for an extra level of meta. You’re welcome.

The MOSCHINO + SEPHORA collection will be available online at on August 18th—some items are available and some are still “coming soon” but you can sign up to be notified by email once they all become available.

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