Murale Takes You Beyond the Beauty Counter for the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Murale Takes You Beyond the Beauty Counter for the Ultimate Shopping Experience

In Canada, we only have a few options when it comes to getting our beauty fix, which usually ends up with this girl doing most of her beauty shopping online. While that is convenient, you can be taking a gamble at shade selection, product textures and scent descriptions (and come on, actually playing with products is half the fun of getting something new). On the downside, I’m the type of person that likes to browse casually and take a look at what’s new- not have to talk to someone across a counter and ask them to pull out a sampler (while they wait for me to pull out my wallet).

If you feel the same way, it’s time to plan a trip to Murale, the ultimate beauty shopping destination that you probably already have heard of (but maybe haven’t actually been). The large, spacious stores are perfectly designed to browse along the displays, trying out new products at your own pace. The lighting is perfect for trying on products and the knowledgeable staff on hand are great for guiding you along or staying on standby for any questions as you browse at your own pace. It’s basically a beauty haven with a relaxing, calm atmosphere- perfect for checking out the latest collections or finding that perfect gift.

Nestled behind the scenes are spa-worthy private rooms for aesthetic services like luxurious facials, brow and my favorite teeth whitening—(seriously, if you haven’t had their whitening treatment before, you must)! Most of the products used can also be purchased in the store- so you can choose whether to have a professional experience or take it home and indulge whenever it’s most convenient.

Setting Murale apart from other beauty retailers and department stores are their exclusive selection of niche brands along with luxurious, designer lines all under one roof. To top it all off, the ability to earn and redeem Shoppers Optimum Points is the icing on the cake, giving you even more value.

While shopping online can be convenient and easy, heading to a Murale store will give you a totally unique experience that goes way beyond a trip to the beauty counter.

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