Must Watch: Bobbi Brown’s Secret to Perfect Skin Video

Yesterday, Bobbi Brown uploaded a new how-to video to their YouTube Channel, and it’s a fabulous tutorial to watch if you want to go back to the basics and see how to achieve a flawless complexion. Bobbi takes you through prepping the skin, foundation, corrector, concealer, powder and bronzer—and the best part is you can actually see the difference it makes.

We’ve all got that pet peeve, where seeing a product used on a perfect-skin model (who is clearly already wearing makeup to begin with) in efforts to make the featured products look good. In this video, the model (who does have nearly-perfect skin but still has signs of redness and undereye circles) is clearly bare-faced, and the videography perfectly captures the techniques and effect of Bobbi’s makeup application. Bobbi also throws in some great tips too—like how to choose the perfect foundation, why she prefers yellow-toned foundations and the best way to use bronzer.

It’s a very well-produced video, start to finish, and perfect for anyone who needs a little reminder on how to achieve a flawless complexion—the Bobbi Brown way.

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