A Look At NARS’ New Liquid Blushes

NARS Liquid Blush

NARS may have already been one of the best brands out there when it comes to blushes, but they just totally won my heart all over again with the launch of their new Liquid Blush ($30) formula.

The pigmented liquid comes in four iconic shades, including Orgasm (peachy pink), Lustre (orange apricot), Torrid (coral) and Dolce Vita (dusty rose). Each frosted bottle comes with a pump-top dispenser and NARS’ signature matte black cap.

The formula is infused with monoi and tamanu oils that blend beautifully on the skin and give such a pretty flush of colour and sheen. You can apply it with a brush or your fingers, but I’d probably stay away from sponges with this formula just because it is so liquid-y (and trust, it blends so easily you won’t need that Beautyblender).

I’ve been using Orgasm pretty much every day since I got my hands on the bunch and I’m so in love. Not only is it the most perfect peachy pink shade that looks amazing on basically every skintone (which is probably why it’s the most famous blush shade of all time), but the liquid formula looks incredibly natural on the skin and it’s very easy to apply.

If you’re drawn to the same shade too, you may want to check out the new NARS Orgasm Lipstick that just launched as well!

I like to pump the tiniest amount (when I say tiny, I mean it—this stuff is so pigmented) onto the tips of my fingers and rub them together, then I pat the product in on my cheeks, blending as I go. I’ll even give a little tap to my rose, forehead and chin to add a bit more colour all over. It’s really foolproof to apply, just start off slow and build as you need. If you’re a die hard blush fiend, you can go ahead and layer your powder blush on top to add some intensity, but I think the finish is quite beautiful on its own.

A word of caution though—I did find that the pump tops easily unscrews, so be careful when you’re putting the cap on or taking it off (I had a close call with a leak in my makeup bag but thankfully not more than a drop was lost).

NARS Liquid Blushes retail for $30 each and are available now online at sephora.com.

(L-R) Orgasm, Lustre, Torrid, Dolce Vita

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