New! Josie Maran Argan Self-Tanning Body Wash (Yes…That’s Right… Body Wash)

New! Josie Maran Argan Self Tanning Body Wash (Yes...That's Right... Body Wash)
A self-tanning body wash? What on earth!?

I get really excited about new innovations in the beauty world. There’s a lot of copying, one-upping and product launches that we’ve seen time and time again.. so when something comes around that’s brand new, I get very intrigued.

Today, Josie Maran is introducing her new Argan Self-Tanning Body Wash on QVC. The special value set for QVC retails for $34.98 USD and includes the body wash along with a long-handled loofa for applying the product.

Can’t imagine how this works? Apparently- while in the shower, you turn off the tap or step out of the stream, apply the foam body wash to the loofa and apply it all over. Let it sit for 30 seconds, then rinse it off for an instant glow with no staining.

The foam itself is still a moisturizing body wash, formulated with Josie Maran’s signature 100% Pure Argan Oil. Now, as much as I totally admit I’m a sucker for TV Infomercials and shopping, the video with before & after results of using this product look quite phenomenal. Check out the video here.

Let me know what you guys think about this! I definitely need to get my hands on it and try it out.  Could self-tanning body washes be the next big faux phase?

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