Must Have: Olay Energizing Lime & White Tea Body Wash

 Olay Energizing Lime & White Tea Body Wash

I’m not really one to gush about a scented body wash—sure, I don’t mind using them but typically I’m a bar of soap kind of girl. I do like to keep body washes in the shower for guests though (because the idea of sharing a bar of soap gives me the heebie jeebies). So of course, I’ll put whatever the latest formula is to arrive in the beauty closet in my shower and that’s that.

On a recent trip to NYC for P&G’s digital beauty studio, I found myself in a room surrounded by Olay’s Fresh Outlast body wash collection. I had seen these before—the smelled absolutely amazing—but there was one new one to the collection that I couldn’t stop sniffing: Olay Fresh Outlast Energizing Lime & White Tea (just like I can’t stop sniffing it as I write this). At the event, we sipped on delicious cocktails inspired by each of the formulas (the other ones included white strawberry & mint, orchid & black currant and pear & fuji apple—so you can imagine how delicious they were).

This new scent though… it stuck in my head for weeks until a bottle of it arrived at my office. It’s the kind of bottle I’ll grab a few quick, deep sniffs of as I walk by because it smells that good. It’s fresh, citrusy and super invigorating—the type of scent that perks you up in the morning, but doesn’t leave you smelling like a fruity cocktail afterwards.

The formula is awesome too—it works with your skin’s natural pH and won’t dry it out, so it feels comfortable and hydrated when you hop out of the shower.

So if you’re looking for a new scent to jazz up your morning shower, I highly recommend picking this one up. Especially with warmer weather around the corner, this one is going to be getting used up to the last drop at my place.

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