Precise Price: Brow Kits from $6.99 to $58

Precise Price: Brow Kits from $6.99 to $58
Precise Price: Brow Kits from $6.99 to $58

It’s no secret that full, groomed brows are one of the hottest trends (and have been for a while)! I’m thankful I have pretty full brows- but everyone can use a little help to fill them in and keep them looking groomed and in place all day!  I’ve put a whole bunch of arch-perfecting kits to the test over the last few weeks, and these are the ones that came out on top- no matter what your budget!

Show those brows some love- it ties your entire look together and even makes you look more youthful! What’s your favorite brow kit?

Featured Products

  • Benefit Cosmetics Brows a-go-go: The ultimate kit for the brow addict! Not only does this kit have two brow powder shades and a pencil- but you’ll also get a wax and two brighteners to enhance your new arches! A great gift for the brow beginner too.
  • Givenchy Eye & Brow Prisme: A fantastic brow kit for the pros- I love how this kit contains different tones! Great for all different hair colours and complexions (plus they make fantastic eyeshadows too).  Hidden away are the usual grooming tools as well.
  • Sephora Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit: My favorite kit out of them all! I love that this one includes a wax- great for setting and keeping those unruly brows in place.  Plus, hidden underneath are the usual tools for keeping those brows groomed to perfection.
  • Milani Brow Fix Kit: A great little kit that works well without breaking the bank. Mix the two brow shades to find your perfect match, and use the highlight shade for an instant lift! The included tools aren’t the best in the world- but they sure do in a pinch!
  • Lancôme Le Regard Pro Eyes and Brow Kit: A gorgeous, luxurious sleek kit. I actually love how well this kit works as eyeshadow too for a very soft, natural daytime look! I’m impressed with the quality of the included tools as well.