Redken Just Launched A Micellar Cleanser… For Your Hair?

Redken Clean Maniac

If you’ve been following me for a little while now, you probably already know how obsessed I am with micellar cleaners (I raved about a few new ones recently here). I go through more micellar water than anybody I know, most likely because I use it almost exclusively for cleansing my face—morning and night—and use tons of it to clean up after swatching and testing products.  So, when I heard Redken was launching a micellar-powered hair care line, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Every time I read about micellar technology, it brings me back to my first year organic chemistry lab where I first learned about them. Essentially, micelles are little spheres with an oil-loving center and a water-loving outer shell.  The oily core attracts dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet and traps it inside, while the water-loving outer layer allows the molecule to wiped away without leaving any residue behind (this is why you don’t actually have to rinse a micellar water off).  It’s a simple, yet totally effective.

This cleansing technology powers the new, silicone- and sulfate-free Redken Clean Maniac range for a gentle, non-stripping cleanse.  The line includes just two products—a shampoo and a conditioner—and is designed to clarify hair by lifting oil and impurities to leave it with a clean-touch feeling. It’s gentle enough to be used every day, or you can tag team it with your current routine whenever you feel like you need a little extra purification.

The textures are a bit different than you may be used to—the shampoo is very watery, but lathers quite nicely and rinses with a squeaky-clean feeling.  I’m not very experienced with silicone-free conditioner, so I was quite surprised when I first used it since it lacks that smooth, silky slip that you feel with most conditioners.  I did love the light, fresh scent of the duo which further adds to that “clean” feel.

Out of the shower, I combed through my hair easily and it felt totally lightweight and clean (like that weightless, airy sensation after a good chop). It didn’t look or feel dry at all, and I found it easy to style and create volume later on because it wasn’t being weighed down by a ton of product.

The micellar technology powers the shampoo, but both products also contain Redken’s new patented Neofresh Technology, which is kind of like deodorant for your hair.  The molecules neutralize odors and repels them to protect hair from smoke, environmental pollution, sweat and sebum, so hair actually keeps that fresh, clean feeling even longer.

Redken Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Shampoo ($19) and Clean-Touch Conditioner ($20) are available now at select salons and online at

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