No Blow Dry? No Big Deal—Thanks to Redken’s New Stylers

Redken No Blow Dry

Even though I often complain my hair is too flat, I do have to admit I’m quite grateful for my ultra-straight hair when it comes to air drying. Often I’ll wash my hair in the evening and hop into bed to let it dry overnight, waking up to minimal bedhead and frizz.  However, the lack of heat-activated volumizing products means I usually deal with limp, lifeless locks unless I choose to blow dry.  Luckily, Redken recently launched a line-up of No Blow Dry stylers designed to breathe life into air-dried hair.

The new line-up includes three new styling creams, each designed to provide frizz control and enhance movement and give a natural, manageable texture for all hair types.  The Airy Cream is designed for those like me with flat, fine hair, the Just Right Cream is for those with medium-textured hair somewhere between straight and wavy, and the Bossy Cream is for coarse, wild hair that is thick and tough to manage.

Redken No Blow Dry

The products are formulated with a new air-tex technology composed of flexible, quick-dry polymers to help speed up air dry time while still leaving you with smooth, manageable hair.  I didn’t notice a huge decrease in dry time, but what I loved was how full my hair looked without feeling like there was any product in it at all.  It wasn’t quite as big and bouncy as if I used a heat-activated volumizer, but for the ability to skip the blow-dry and heat damage, I’m more than happy with the results and I’ll definitely keep using it regularly.

Whether you’re looking to give your hair a break from heat styling or you just want to embrace your natural texture (in its best form), you’ll want to check out one of these new styling creams.

Redken No Blow Dry Stylers retail for $24 each and are available at select salons and online now at

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