Pantene Announced Ronda Rousey As Their Newest Ambassador

Pantene just announced their newest brand ambassador to be one of the toughest women out there, Ronda Rousey. As a huge UFC fan, I’ve followed Ronda’s journey for a few years now and I have to say—I don’t think Pantene could have chosen a better ambassador, especially for the #StrongIsBeautiful notion they are trying to convey.

Ronda Rousey is by far one of the coolest women I’ve ever seen—she’s a judo Olympian, mixed martial artist and actress. She truly is the pinnacle of strong and beautiful. Together, Ronda and Pantene break down gender barriers, push comfort zones, encourage women to embrace their strength and feel beautiful, always.

After a whirlwind of six back-to-back UFC title wins (remember THIS one where she won in only 14 seconds?), Ronda became known as one of the most dominant women athletes in the world—that arm bar is NO joke.

Pantene Announced Ronda Rousey As Their Newest Ambassador

But it’s not just Ronda’s insane winning streak that has me so pumped for this brand collaboration—it’s her defeat. More importantly, her comeback. 

After her first devestating loss last year, Ronda took a break from the UFC (and publicity in general). She shared on Ellen about her dark battle with depression and suicide as a result of the loss, but she took time to get back on her feet, train harder than ever and get back to the UFC to win her title back (which I fully believe she will on December 30th).

Ronda shows that strength is not about how many times you win—it’s about how many times you get knocked down, pick yourself up and get right back up there. And that strength, is beautiful.

Pantene Announced Ronda Rousey As Their Newest Ambassador

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