Must Watch: Sephora’s Contouring Video Series

We all know that contouring is the hottest trend in beauty right now—but so many people I talk to are still completely intimidated by it and have no idea how to do it. That fear isn’t unjustified though—contouring is tricky business! Slathering way-too-dark and way-too-light product on your face isn’t exactly fool-proof, and if it isn’t done correctly, it can look very unnatural. The other aspect of contouring that makes it quite difficult is the fact it’s not a one-size-fits-all technique. Contouring and highlighting should follow general guidelines, however you have to adapt it for your face shape and for the end result you’re trying to achieve.

Sephora released a video series all about contouring and highlighting for different face shapes, and it’s actually SUPER helpful. Sephora PRO artists go through the products, the placement and the techniques for contouring circular, oval, square and heart shaped faces, as well as unique tips for contouring deep skintones and how to identify your face shape. While I feel like they were a bit too heavy handed on the product application, it is important to keep in mind they created the looks for the camera and not for everyday life. Adjust accordingly! Watching how they place and blend the products is very helpful no matter which formula you choose to use.

While they mention the ability to use powders, creams and pencils, the one re-occurring product that all of the pros reach for appears to be the new Cover FX Contour Kit ($$38). The kit comes in 6 different shade combinations and feature very natural-looking undertones for warm, neutral and cool skin tones, so it’s no surprise it’s a top choice for the experts.

Check out the videos and let us know what you think!

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