Must Have: Sephora Dry Clean Instant Brush Cleaner Spray

Sephora Dry Clean Instant Brush Cleaner Spray

Cleaning brushes may not be the most glamorous part of our beauty routines, but it sure is an important one! I have quite a large brush collection, and after using a brush a couple times, I’ll put it aside and use a new one until that one day every month or two that I run out of them and have to take an entire Saturday to clean them all.  For years I simply used baby shampoo to wash them, but that changed after I discovered Cinema Secrets brush cleanser (which is still an absolute must have). My latest weapon of choice though is the new Sephora Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner Spray.

This brush cleanser is basically like dry shampoo for your makeup brushes. Quickly spray your brush and sweep it back an forth on a paper towel or rag and watch all of the makeup and gunk come off. The best part? Brushes are instantly dry—even big, fluffy and dense, synthetic ones—allowing you to use it again right away.

I was amazed at how effective this tiny bottle of barely-there-air was at cleaning my brushes, and even more so at how quick it sped up the dreaded task. Two thumbs way up for this one.

While I’ll still use my Cinema Secrets cleanser for a deep clean (this one is more of an on-the-surface type of clean), this brush cleanser is not only great for quick, daily use but also for traveling and for makeup artists too.

Now I only have one request, Sephora… can you make this in a giant, hairspray-sized professional format? K, thanks.

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