shu uemura Drawing Pencil Photos & Information

shu uemura Drawing Pencil

An advanced pencil eyeliner- and the new essential for women’s eye make-up. The Drawing Pencil, inspired by the shu uemura Atelier’s professional palette, offers rich variations in colour and texture bringing you a new joy and freedom in make-up. shu uemura’s beloved waterproof eyeliner has been upgraded to a new soft touch; a gliding, blendable formula, and an intense colour payoff in 21 shades and 4 exciting textures.

Available June 2014 at shu uemura retailers, including Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew & select Sephora stores.[/note]

shu uemura Drawing Pencil ($32 USD / $28 CAD)

  • M black 01: Jet black (Matte)
  • P black 01: Gleaming black (Pearl)
  • M green black 02: Jade (Matte)
  • M blue black 03: Black shot with blue pigment (Matte)
  • M purple black 04: Deep purple jet (Matte)
  • M gray 05: Soft charcoal black (Matte)
  • M chestnut brown 81: Warm, classic brown (Matte)
  • M earthy brown 82: Shadow maker for light/yellow skin (Matte)
  • M dark brown 83: Dark skin shadow tone (Matte)
  • M brick brown 84: Rosy skin tone (Matte)
  • M red purple 11: Burgundy (Matte)
  • P light orange 21: Shimmery orange (Pearl)
  • P light green 52: Shimmery lime (Pearl)
  • ME purple 71: Metallic eggplant (Metallic)
  • ME pink 12: Metallic pink (Metallic)
  • ME green 51: Metallic forest green (metallic)
  • P baby blue 62: Shimmery sky blue (Pearl)
  • ME navy 61: Metallic deep blue (Metallic)
  • G silver 92: Silver glitter (Glitter)
  • G gold 93: Gold glitter (Glitter)
  • M white 91: Intense white (Matte)
shu uemura drawing pencils
shu uemura Drawing Pencils (Top to Bottom) M green black 02, P baby blue 62, ME navy 61, M blue black 03, M purple black 04, ME purple 71, ME pink 12, ME red purple 11, P light orange 21, G gold 93, M earthy brown 82, M chestnut brown 81, M dark brown 83, M brick brown 84, P black 01, M black 01, M gray 05, M white 91, G silver 92, P light green 52 & ME green 51

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