St. Tropez Revamps Entire Product Range

St. Tropez Revamps Entire Product Range

St. Tropez has been known to create some of the best self-tanning formulas available. They’ve always been on the cutting edge of self-tanning technologies, creating unique and innovative formulas that leave skin with a totally natural-looking tan. Whether you’re going for a subtle glow or a I-just-spent-2-weeks-in-the-Bahamas tan, award-winning formulas from St. Tropez have always been able to deliver.

When a brand reformulates a single, best-selling product, it’s always a big deal. When a brand reformulates their entire product range, you know they’re onto something big. That’s exactly what St. Tropez has done in 2016.

From the original Self-Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse to the newly-launched In Shower Gradual Tan and every other product in between, St. Tropez has reformulated their entire product range to make them even better.

So what’s new? Well, it’s kind of like the Apple iPhone 6s advertisements—the only thing that’s changed is everything.

St. Tropez

A Better Tan

First of all, the formulas have a new Intelligent Tanning System, which delivers a longer-lasting, more even tan. They’ve improved the color guide (for those formulas that have one) and the mists now feature a 360º spray, allowing you to hold and use it at any angle.

Bye Bye DHA Smell

Next, they’ve introduced an entirely new fragrance into all of their products. St. Tropez worked with Givaudan, one of the world’s leading fragrance houses, to create a scent that not only enhances your mood (think laying on a tropical beach and smelling the fresh flowers) but also completely masks the DHA scent so there’s no tell-tale self-tanning smell. DHA is actually incorporated into the fragrance so the brain and nose can’t distinguish it.

I was most skeptical about this claim, because I’ve tried self-tanning brands which claim to have zero DHA scent, which typically holds true for the first 20 minutes, but without fail always seems to creep up an hour or two after application. I’m absolutely impressed by St. Tropez’s ability to live up to that claim with their reformulated range. I’ve tested several of them and sniff-tested constantly throughout the day. The lovely mood-boosting fragrance disappears fairly quickly—within an hour or so—but to my surprise and delight, the DHA scent never came. *mind blown*

More Hydration

St. Tropez also introduced Hydraglow into the gradual tan range, a new hydrating complex that moisturizes skin for up to 48 hours, so you can truly replace your everyday lotion and build your golden glow instead.

The Little Things

Finally, they have revamped their textures to absorb faster and dry quicker, making them even more enjoyable to apply. This was also a key feature for me—completely dry and set to the touch (and to clothing) within seconds. They’ve also revamped their packaging design so you know you’re getting the new and improved formula (look for the band label near the cap).

There’s more to get excited about from St. Tropez besides their new & improved formulations—of course they are still innovating! The latest product to get excited about? The new Tinted Gradual Tan, which combines everything you already love about St. Tropez’s everyday self-tanning lotion with cosmetic powders and illuminating particles to instantly blur imperfections and deliver a gorgeous subtle hint of bronze.

There are a couple more products launching this summer too that are super exciting—but unfortunately those have to be kept a secret just a little longer.

Ready to get your (faux) glow on? Some of the reformulated products are already available up on Sephora’s website (look for the “new” label) but you should start seeing more of them hitting stores in April.

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