How To Create The Look of Straight Eyebrows

For those of you who have spent years trying to emphasize your arches can rest easy for a little while—straight eyebrows are totally trendy right now! We’ve been seeing softer arches and deliberately straightened-out brows all over the runways; think Cara Delevingne, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba. The straight eyebrow lends a softer look to the face and a bit of an androgynous feel, allowing you to get creative with the rest of your makeup.

If you have pronounced arches, there are ways to subtly soften them to create the look of a more straight eyebrow with makeup. All you need is an eyebrow pencil and some gel! While this technique may not completely change your brow shape, you’ll see how much of a difference a little shape alternation can make on your face.

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