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MAC Opulash Mascara in Sama

MAC Summer 2013 Opulash Mascara in Sama Review, Photos & Swatches

The MAC Art of the Eye Collection for Summer 2013 features the MAC Opulash Mascara ($16 USD / $19 CAD) in Sama, a limited-edition vibrant blue version of the popular mascara formula. This limited-edition collection focuses on the eyes, and delivers both exotic smoky looks as well as bright, bejew

My Eyelash Perm Experience & Results

My Eyelash Perm Experience & Results

This weekend I headed to the spa to get my eyelashes permed (yes, you heard that right).  My poker-straight lashes have always been a struggle for me, not only because I have to fight with removing waterproof mascara on a daily basis, but also because I felt I couldn’t properly review many

MesmorEyes Individual Lashes

MesmorEyes Individual Lashes Review & Photos

I really couldn’t be bothered to wear fake eyelashes everyday, even if I absolutely adore the way they make my eyes look. Every so often though, I’ll tack on a few individual flares to give a little extra oomph to my eyes- and they are so quick and easy to apply it’s really not

Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes Review & Photos

Despite only wearing them on special occasions, I absolutely love false lashes.  I love the way they can totally change your look, however I always stuck to cheap drugstore brands because I could never bring myself to pay for high end ones like MAC or Shu Uemura… so why am I now swooning ov