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NARS Brow Perfector

NARS Brow Perfector Review, Photos & Swatches

It’s no secret that NARS loves brows! I already showed you the Brow Gel, but today I’ll be talking about the new NARS Brow Perfectors ($22 USD / $25 CAD).  Available in four shades, the hard pencil works well to fill in brows with incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes.  These

NARS Fall 2013 Single Eyeshadows

NARS Fall 2013 Single Eyeshadows Review, Photos & Swatches

The NARS Fall 2013 Collection includes four NARS Single Eyeshadows ($24 USD / $28 CAD) in muted, sophisticated shades. This limited-edition collection features an array of smouldering hues and matte textures for an ultra sophisticated and modern look. Available online  and on counters July 15, 20

Sneak Peek at the NARS Fall 2013 Collection!

Sneak Peek at the NARS Fall 2013 Collection!

The NARS Fall 2013 Collection is set to hit counters and online on July 15, 2013 and is full of intense hues and matte finishes. Smoldering greys and hints of purple and blue make this collection ultra sophisticated and modern. Learn more about the collection here. The collection features four ey

NARS Brow Gels 8672

Sneak Peek at the Sephora Disney Ariel Collection for Fall 2013!

Sephora knows the way to our hearts- beautiful makeup products and childhood nostalgia. First, they stole our hearts with Cinderella, then Jasmine and now Ariel. Each collection is inspired by the style, personality and story of each Disney Princess… and I feel like Ariel has been the most

YSL Fall 2013 8646

Sneak Peek at the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection!

I actually had the opportunity to attend a special media event a few weeks ago for the upcoming Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection, where not only did I get to see and play with all the new products, but I had the absolute privilege of hearing Lloyd Simmonds explain his inspiration for the c